Just Because of Love

September 1, 2016
By Gwendaviessigmund BRONZE, Ballwin , Missouri
Gwendaviessigmund BRONZE, Ballwin , Missouri
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I think we are lucky. You know why? I think we are lucky because we are human. That is a very special gift. To be human over the millions of other things we could of ended up as. But I also think being human comes with a big responsibility. We are very developed, so we must use that wisely. As humans we are picky, about everything, gender, race, and love. And I love love, I think it is one of the best qualities of being human. We are all so quiet about the fact that different people love different people, of race, and gender. But I don't understand why, I love the fact that we can love so many different things and people, we should be so grateful for that. And it makes me mad that some people think that you should be tied to the fact that one gender likes another. Girls can like girls; I don't see the difference. I hate the labels gay, lesbian, bisexual etc. It's not human. But love is, it's not who you love, it's how much you love. I believe there is good in everyone, and if we can stop labeling black, white, gay, whatever we will all get along. There is no limit or label on love. It is the most human quality you can find. So if we can make labels go away and just say, instead of ' I'm gay' you can say 'I love' and that's human enough for me, and I hope it's human enough for you

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