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They Are NOT Blood Thirsty Wolves

By , Raleigh, NC

We recently had a project for school; it was to interview an immigrant. One of my classmates interviewed a refugee. "You have obviously never seen the outside world". Those were the words uttered by the refugee when being asked what makes the country so great.


The refugee crisis is extreme. Though America is not very affected compared to other countries, refugees are risking their lives to go somewhere that will provide the basic necessities of life. Food, water, shelter. How dare we deny them these things? They are innocents who have witnessed the distruction of their homes.


“This could be a better, bigger more horrible version than the legendary Trojan horse ever was” (in reference to the Syrian refugee crisis)

For me personally, it is a horrendous thing to witness America elect a politician with ideals like this to run for president.

There is no morality in this statement. It is like we turned the clock back to racial segregation. We can not judge someone by their race or religion like this. These are HUMAN BEINGS trying their dang hardest just to survive. They will do things that deteriorate themselves mentally and physically just to try and obtain things we take for granted. Things most of us could never fathom.

"Lock your doors folks," the politician continued.

How about we try opening them instead? How about we try a bit of compassion and treat them as actual human beings instead of blood thirsty wolves who have come for your sheep (silly anology, but it gets my point across). Just like the refugee my classmate interviewed, they will appreciate living in a country where chaos is not covering them like a thick blanket. They will appreciate everything we take for granted.

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