An Open Letter to Prager U

August 30, 2016
By AdotFree BRONZE, Ojai, California
AdotFree BRONZE, Ojai, California
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I recently saw Prager U's video on a speech that every principal should give their schools.  It had some interesting points, but I have a few questions about the ending, bullet point #6 specifically.  It stated the principal speeking will be "reorienting the school toward academics and away from politics and propoganda".  He then goes on to list what will no longer be taught, which is where the video ironically gets political.


First, how can you teach American history without discussing racism?   I realize that the principal is no longer going to recodnize race, or any other characteristics out of our control, and only out intellectual identity, but racism was a defining characteristic of slavery as well as how our nation handleld situations with American Indians.  I ask the same question to sexism, homophobia, and tobacco.  Islamaphobia and gender idenity have only recently been a noticable part of our nation's society, so not teaching the history of those two at this time in history is understandable.


My next question relates to the term I had left out until now, global warming.  How can a science teacher be expected to teach science while also being banned from teaching about widly accepted and proven discovery about our planet?  And what if a child asks about global warming, how is a teacher to respond?


And lastly, I will assume that the discontinuation of classes dedicated to puttin gon condoms applies to material covering forms of birth control.  I recodnize that the ultimate birth control is abstinence.  The condom that never breaks if you will.  However, in states that teach abstinence only have among the highest rates in SDIs, STIs, and teen pregnancy rates.  Take Mississippi for example.  It's ranked 49th for teen pregnancy rates and 50th for STD's.  And it is a state that has taken measures to prevent the teaching of birth control methods in the classrooms.

I would appreciate a response, for I am curious as to what you may have to say.

The sad polar bear from "Why the Right is Right"

PS, I did appreciate the small strip of ice you put me on.  But the terrorist was a little too close for comfort.

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