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August 24, 2016
By AddieLove GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
AddieLove GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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Lately everyone has been freaking out over the burqa ban in Nice. Obviously, they banned the burqa due to the fear gained of Muslims as a result of the increasingly high amounts of terrorist attacks in France. For those who do not know, the burqa is a traditional garb that usually covers the face as well as the entire body. It is worn mainly amongst Muslim women everywhere as a sign of their devotion to their God. 


So why would anyone think of banning the burqa? I, am not a Mulsim but I do carry a faith with me. Banning the burqa will not only cause more anger and resentment towards those who are non-Muslims, but will most likely cause the number of terrorist attacks to continue. Blindly shooting out laws based on the sole card of fear, is incredibly irrational. 


Okay, blah blah... I am a teenager... what do I know? Do I even know how to tie my shoes? Yes, I do actually. I have sense. I know that fighting fire with fire will only lead to catastrophe.


It seems like teens now days should be making more decisions. We are very concered with liberalism- majority of us who do not live under rocks. Children are able to see things in a way adults can not. Obviously, since 5 other European countries are pushing for the burqa to be banned. 


I am rambling and I probably sound like a fool... but we are so concerned about extending our lives and protecting our well being, that we are killing ourselves. We will not die because of some crazy oil leak or deadly gas like we are told... we will slowly kill ourseleves with words and violence. 

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