America As We Know It

August 22, 2016
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What has society come to? Every day, CITIZENS of our nation live in constant fear to leave their homes. How are we allowing FEAR develop within our boundaries? Aren’t we the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? We tell ourselves that we stand for NATIONAL UNITY with different cultures, ideologies, and ethnicities, yet the people maintain hatred towards other’s race, gender, or sexuality of OUR people. A person contains attributes that are much larger than a stereotype, their physical appearance, or social status. Every MISTAKE and ACCOMPLISHMENT must be made by contributions of HARD WORK and DETERMINATION. How does society begin to forget HUMANITY towards others? A person is a person. A life is a life. Aren’t we supposed to love each other as BROTHERS and SISTERS under to word of GOD? If we, as a country, cannot upkeep PEACE within our political borders, how are we supposed to AID and SET example for other troubled nations? On a DAY TO DAY basis, we send men and women to fight for the peace we all YEARN for, but look where our GREAT NATION is. Is this really freedom? People are petrified to be pulled over by OUR OWN POLICE FORCE, to go to a club WHERE THEY FEEL ACCEPTED, to send their CHILDREN TO RECEIVE EDUCATION, to receive forgiveness FROM GOD, watch a movie with FAMILY AT MIDNIGHT, or walk around a COLLEGE CAMPUS ALONE. Living in fear is quite frankly NOT LIVING AT ALL. We are supposed to be YOUNG,WILD, AND FREE, but nowadays everything comes to a DEADLY consequence. Our MEDIA has shown every ounce of horror TO THE WHOLE WORLD. Social media has turned into a MAJOR outlet of postings of crimes; almost every posting begins with “PLEASE READ…”, “Praying for…”, “What has America come to…”, or “ANOTHER LIFE…” How many LIVES are we going to have to take before we realize there is something WRONG? We need to WAKE UP from this horror. We need to start LIVING for what we have been FIGHTING for. This is OUR OWN PROBLEM that only we can fix. What are we waiting for? Innocent lives are on the line. America as we know it can be depicted by the way WE fuel it.

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