Humanity and Terrorism

July 26, 2016
By , visakhapatnam, India

its not surprising in today's world with all the terrorism creating an havoc in people's minds and hearts...........

hundreds and thousands of people are dying everyday.... families are in grief.... all this is not because of one religion or one man... it is about a group which for its sole purpose is converting many young people into terrorists in order to gain power.... i myself feel that the terrorists or normal human beings who are just listening to their leader and braying shoul think clarly and stop this .......... they are in no way doing good to th religion nor the people .

all that is left is terror and destruction which neithr they can enjoy nor the people...........

we all should stand together and fight against this..

what happened to oour humanity?

why can't the terrorists have a soft heart and think for themselves and stop all this......... i think the only way for these people think in a positive way of serving their god is to save lives rather than taking lives and killing innocent people..

in today's world humanity is at stake

i am looking forward to see a world in which the word "terror" is not there in the people's dictionary...........

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