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July 24, 2016
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Hello. I am a teenager and recently I had a great talk with my mom about some problems which you parents cause us unintentionally. So this time I want to bring out the voice of every teenager who wants to open up to their parents, to their friends, to the world.

Now-a-days everyone blames their kids for everything which goes wrong, if they are using their phones, if they are saying something, if they have a point of view. But at one point dear parents, you have to keep aside your ego of being a parent and elder one and believing that you are always right. Because no! You are not. You have to understand sometimes that we are not always wrong.

Whenever we are using our phones, you become suspicious as to what we are doing, but why do you? Just because we are using our phones doesn't mean we are using a social network. For instance, imagine if your kid has to make a documentary on what solar system is, he will search about it in Google and take a screenshot and note it down somewhere whenever he gets time. But this is when he is using his phone. If he uses a laptop for instance, he will have to copy and then paste which is still a longer job than taking a screenshot. And this world is too fast to do copy and paste dears.

See, Google is our life now. If we are reading a novel and come across a word which isn't something we know, so do u want us to open that dictionary of 800 pages and search up the meaning or just open the internet and look at its meaning???

Now, every book written for competitive exams has an app of its own which is made just so that the students can always stay in touch with their academics using...guess what, their PHONES. And these apps aren't available in your laptops or even books. There are e-books coming up which are accessible on phones. Now if you keep the logic that you could do this app procedure and read e-books even on the iPads and Tabs, for that, NO. At one point, we find it better to keep our stuff, our documents, our books in our Phones. It gives us the satisfaction and happiness of privacy.

These days, we are often accused that we don't speak anything or there is no communication with our parents, or we don't do anything new or anything at all in the house. But all that has a reason. Whenever we do something or speak something, there is always a flaw which is taken out of it, which decreases our morale. Whenever we try to do something new, you keep giving comments from behind, which you might be doing for getting perfection in us, but imagine being in our shoes. Then think about it......

Sometimes, you might say this “Gerald, you have to behave the way society wants. Look at your friend Augustus, his behavior is a model one. I am not comparing you, but....”  But parents! Of course you are comparing us! Even if you don't mean to, it just gets us this image in our brains that we need to become like our friends which is the evolution of COMPETITION AMONG FRIENDS but in reality we should be in a competition with ourselves making ourselves  a better person but unfortunately, that doesn't happen.

Whenever this kind of behavior is seen by you dear parents, we start thinking and then over thinking as to whether we are worthy of ourselves? Maybe you are doing all this for our good and that's what you want, but there surely exist better methods to do this. Whenever you get suspicious, or distrust us, always remember that we have a point of view and our thoughts which are nothing but your own inscriptions on us. If nothing else, trust your own inscriptions.

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Somsdayal said...
Aug. 8, 2016 at 6:39 am
@Arthas my point isn't that our parents scold us for no reason at all. they don't have a correct reason always. Sometimes they have to believe we might be right.
Arthas said...
Aug. 1, 2016 at 6:33 am
So you are stating that teens should get their privacy and are telling that parents are just scolding us and comparing us for no particular reason?
Arthas said...
Aug. 1, 2016 at 6:33 am
So you are stating that teens should get their privacy and are telling that parents are just scolding us and comparing us for no particular reason?
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