Should astronauts explore space?

July 15, 2016
By Anonymous

Should astronauts explore space?

  For years space exploration has been a part of humanity, now NASA’S next mission is to put man on mars. In my opinion NASA needs to slow down there progress of exploration because some of space is no mans land and we shouldn’t be going to far out of our own planet. Sending man to mars is very dangerous during the launch; you will be strapped to a massive rocket that has a chance of exploding and brutally killing you. Even if you do make the launch while on the way in space to the mission there is a risk of cancer from cosmic rays from the sun and radiation. While every thing is going right the main thing that’s protecting you can rip which is your suit. Then you have more symptoms of death coming your way.

  Just maybe if NASA in the future would decide to put robots in space instead of man would be way smarter. Therefore if you do want to know all this stuff you wont risk any lives. With the robots they can learn if were alone or not, also about black holes and worm whole. Plus robots can be way stronger than humans and just maybe wont need any suit when they go up there. Even most astronomers will tell you that virtually anything a human can do on another planet, a robot can do, only cheaper and without the risk of losing lives.

Space has taken many brave astronauts lives, this year 18 astronauts have been killed in four separate incidents. In 1967 astronaut Vladimir komarov died of parachute failure as the capsule hit the ground at high speed. A few years later 3 more astronauts were killed of decompression. Even some of our own state astronauts died like in 1986 a whole crew died a horrible death from disintegration. This is just proof that all that isn’t worth so many people dying horrible deaths.

Even though so many people died, NASA has lost more than just astronauts they have lost lots of money from built space shuttles that have crashed too. For example the STS-9, STS-51, and the EP-3 all were big money shuttles that failed. The STS-9 blew into pieces due to fuel fire. STS-51’s engine’s were to hot therefore they shut down and crashed. In 1998 while fueling the vostok-2M it exploded killing 48 hard workers and loosing over 40 million dollars worth of damage and maybe even more. In my opinion I don’t know if all that is worth looking at another planet knowing we already have one to our selves.

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I love just talking about engineering and science

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