Women and Education

July 4, 2016
By Dhoney SILVER, Park City, Utah
Dhoney SILVER, Park City, Utah
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There are still so many things that aren't fair for women in this world. Every day, girls in poor families are withdrawn from school (if they were lucky enough to go to school in the first place) in order to help their mothers and fathers put food on the table. They are forced to work in factories, "gentlemen's clubs", or houses of prostitution. They don't get the education they deserve, and as a result, they can never stop the cycle of poverty that forces their own daughters to go to work in those same places, who make money off the ruining of little girls. They are forced to work every day for low wages so that they can survive, and there are people out there who just plain out ignore the fact THEY DO NOT GO TO SCHOOL.Education is a basic right of every human being, and they deserve this too. They deserve to be a classroom and not a bed. Getting even a small amount of education will give a girl not only book smarts but confidence, individuality, independence, and problem-solving skills. It will also give them the chance to get a job that respects them as a valuable member of the human race and not as another body to exploit. So many girls are cheated out of schooling, money, and dignity by power and money-hungry men who don't understand their humanity. Girls as young as 8 are being sold as sex slaves, or being MARRIED OFF to men up to 20 years their senior just so they can have someone new to sleep with. The crazy part is, the law is fine with these marriages which essentially amount to sex slavery except these girls are expected to carry multiple babies of the man who keeps them like pets! 31 million primary-aged girls are still out of school around the world. 32 million more girls are missing out on the first 3 years of secondary education. We as a world need to do something about this. 

The author's comments:

I want to see every education get an education, especially girls. Everyone needs a teacher to motivate them. Everyone needs knowledge to get them through life. Everyone needs a fighting chance to change the world, and education can give that

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