The Woman Achieves

July 1, 2016

96 years ago women were allowed the right to state thier opinions; in other words, to vote. Of course it was a huge moment for females, and not just for women, for everybody. It was a sign of achieving things nobody said could be done. It was a mental evolution.

Like any other wonderful moment in history, there were people who despised the idea of change, especially in a time where women had less opportunites to achieve jobs and lives that males led. Whether we like it or not, there are still people in today's society that think the same way.

I see this a lot within daily life and most ever on T.V. Ever notice thar most of the succeeding politicans are old white men? Now, I'm not saying that this is the case for every state and every country, look at Loretta Lynch, she's a big time political person and is an African American woman. But most of the spokespeople for political parties tend to be males.

Why is this? Because society doesn't always favor knowledge. They favor what looks good on thier T.V channels. Female sport-casters are not often seen, but men are. It's the little things that women deal with on a daily basis. Being a woman, I notice these details and quickly try and think of acceptable reasons for why they exist, but never come up with any.

It's obvious women recieve lower paychecks than thier male colleagues. To me, this is one of the most annoying grains of sand in the bucket. There is zero reason for this discrimination in the workplace, if a woman can work just as well as a man, than she deserves a fair check.

This is why I believe that this year's election will be a very critical one. As it narrows down to, former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, and a reality T.V show host, Donald Trump.

Most people would say Clinton's been a liar and a total wrongdoer. But on the other hand, Trump's criticized just about everyone he doesn't like, and people he has no connections with, but hates anyway, plus he is extremely sexist when it comes to society.

I don't LOVE Hillary Clinton, but I do agree with most of her ideas, expanding gay and transgender rights, and the fact of having a female president would be a historic movement. I don't kniw if she'll keep all the promises she makes, but I'd take her over a sexist, degrading, racist, Islamophobic, homophobic jerk any day of the week.

We haven't made society see these small details yet, and maybe they do, but just don't care. They are teaching ways to look around problems, instead of confronting them. In some ways I don't blame them, its a big undertaking, but we can't sit around waiting. The answer; to just keep going. It doesn't matter if people don't see it yet, because they will. They will because of people like us, like me, and like you.

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