Turn to God.Turn to us

November 28, 2015
By YumnaAzeez GOLD, Colombo, Other
YumnaAzeez GOLD, Colombo, Other
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Thanks to the joys of the Internet and the technological advancements of the 21st century news travel fast.Everyone has heard about the ongoing issues regarding terrorism in Paris, anti gay laws in Russia and the migrant crisis that the European Union faces.I could be very boring and list out a never ending sum of facts and figures of how serious thse issues are and what are dear politicians are doing to solve them.But that is not why I submitted this article under "opinion".

Its funny how an increasing amount of current events have associated themseles with God and religion.ISIS claims that their actions are justified by God and uses Islam to make their political based intrests.Homosexuals are being already "condemned" to hell by religous fanatics because of their "despicable" act.Who are we to decide how they will be judged by God? People are inclined to have their own opinion but shouldn't we respect our differences? ''Pray for France,pray for Syria,Pray for Afghanistan" links spread through the globe like wildfire.Everyone prays but does nothing.

God is our refuge and strength and he will not forsake his creation but he waits for man to come together, to put aside their diffrences and love one another. We should pray to God to give us the understanding and realisation that life is beautiful but short.Turn to God, do what he loves most which is forgive and forget,live in harmony and move on.

As this is a website for teenagers lets all be honest with one another.This world is on the highway to hell.No doubt about that.Funny thing is,it doesnt have to be like that necessarily.we teens are young,fresh,energetic and innovative bursting with new ideology.We got a never back down kinda blood flowing through our veins.We have all seen the racism,discrimination and injustice done to those around us and do we take a moment to stand up for what's right? How many of us has walked past thinking,'' Way too much drama llama going on here". 

As John Lennon sang,''I hope someday you'll join us

                              And the world will be as on''

 And to those who fancy a bit of pop and rock,

"Father, Father, Father help us

Send some guidance from above
'Cause people got me, got me questionin'
Where is the love?"

-  the Black Eyed Peas

 Take a look around you.Do we need a WW3? Haven't humanity suffered already? We are the future.We are hope.

The author's comments:

Discrimination just generates hate and solves no problem.People in this world are dying for no reason and for someone else's mistakes.Politicians play a tit for tat game in trying to be the best and innocent civilians are caught in the middle.I hope people will read this and stand up for what's right.Don't believe all that BBC,Fox news or CNN shows you.Think for yourself and try to put the peices of the puzzle together.If we need peace then we should fight for it...the right way.

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