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Tragedy of Darkness

December 19, 2014
By ScarletIce4695 GOLD, Karachi, Other
ScarletIce4695 GOLD, Karachi, Other
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Life really is so strange, one day we are alive, living happily nd the other, we're dead. On 16th of December a tragic event occured in the place I live. Terrorists came to the army public school in Peshawar and killed students, teachers and principal. They destroyed many families and the future of many kids, only few kids were able to escape with their lives. In that attack almost 133 students were killed, almost 120 students were injured and almost 9 teachers were killed, those terrorists burnt the principal of that school alive. That attack or tragedy, as one might say, was enough to bring tears in the eyes of many, it was enough to wake up my sleeping nation from the endless sleep.

Those who died in that tragedy may have left this world forever, but yet they left their memories behind. They may have fallen asleep but by doing so they woke up the entire Pakistan. And I hope that after waking up from this endless sleep, the people of Pakistan will have enough energy to fight the endless evils that have grasped this world and has made all the happiness hazy.

May Allah give us the courage to face every battle, every death. Pakistan Zindabad and a big salute to all those who got the honour of being known as Shaheeds.

The author's comments:

I just wanted to tell the world that now even schools are not considered as safe in my country, and I wanted to remind my fellow Pakistanis of the evils they have yet to face and fight. And I wrote this so that I may never forget the tragic moment that struck upon us the realization of our true selves.

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on Feb. 5 2015 at 11:38 am
ScarletIce4695 GOLD, Karachi, Other
13 articles 1 photo 57 comments
thank u too 4 commenting on this!!!

on Feb. 3 2015 at 11:46 pm
CaseyChickenWang SILVER, McDonough,
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Wow, this was a very eye-opening piece. We hear stuff like this on the news all the time, but when we read a piece by a person from first-hand experience, it all becomes very real. Thanks for writing this piece :) I'm a Christian, but I find it very very admirable that many people of Pakistan keep their faith deeply rooted in Allah even in the worst of times. Bravo!

on Jan. 16 2015 at 4:13 am
HappyEmeal GOLD, Lahore, Other
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I wrote one on the shooting also. It was very tragic but we need to be specific about how the terrorists could not have been true Muslims, because Islam is such a peaceful religion and the punishment for taking a life is getting hung.

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