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A Vision of Willpower and Ambition

October 30, 2014
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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I have a vision, that there once lay fields sown with the seeds of prosperity and hope, fields of rye, barley and corn where farmers tractored their lands so that crops could grow plentiful, cows could graze on grass green and enriched with life as the horses too would eat their fill. A land, where the homeless man’s kind heart, to share his stale crusts of bread with the man beside him is praised, and the rich executive who tells us the pristine waters of our rivers and seas, the water with which we use to sustain life, and bring forth healing in ourselves, is merely an item of property to levy taxes upon, shall be condemned by the media and masses before him. I believe in a country, where soldiers are not sent off too fight wars that do not exist. Where we are a self -sustaining people, who thrive on economic surplus and the rigors of the working man in jeans, not of the office man in a three piece Wall Street suit. I have visions, of a simpler time when children came from playing outside when their mothers called for them to come home, when children could play with each other without a smartphone in one hand and a game system in the other. Where children were challenged in real world critical scenarios in a system of education where the strong were taught to survive and the weak were raised up and made strong themselves. A time when fathers came home after a long days slaving to kiss their daughters and sons to sleep goodnight, and still make love to their wives at night. They would raise flowers and not hands, bear hugs and not guns, and mothers would come home to know that she would not have to raise her children alone, where they could grow up feeling safe or protected by a gun, to the point where one was not needed, but available if need be. I have visions of a time when the young teenagers and young adults where given chances of job employment to see growth in their field, and opportunities to advance were always given as due. Where college loans did not burden our people with the debt of dollar signs and resentment, and from the backbones of our brave young scholars they would rise to the occasion and succeed as our nations doctors, our lawyers, our teachers and educators, our engineers, psychiatrists and persons of interest. Where our young, bright, determined and noble minds of today, became the morally astute and brave warrior souls of tomorrow, where they would become notable leaders in their community, and continue the tradition of crop planting and vegetable growing in their own lawns, free from pesticides and sprays, and the corrupt glad-hands of men who deem their manufacture a necessity. Where children were closer to God, of whichever designation they believe, and would venture forward through storms of uncertainty and trials, climb rigorous mountains of sorrow and hardship, full well knowing that with a strong connection to someone up above, and a strong connection to their loved ones, that any, and everything in this nation and many others were possible. My friends I speak to you now, with hope for the future, that from this words of this mouth, I do not speak for the political lobbyists or the men of congress who line their pockets from oil subsidies and dividends while our own nations children starve and cry out for salvation and peace. I do not speak for the corrupted police officers who take it amongst themselves to abuse the very badge and uniform bestowed upon them, which they think entitles them to shoot the homeless, the poor, the weak or defenseless, and those of a different color with such ease and such certain lack of strong moral and ethical foundation. I do not speak for the men who hide in shadows with quiet backroom deals, delighting in the green federal currency burning holes in their pockets while our people find nothing but shattered dreams and pocket lint in theirs. No I speak now my friends, my family, and my fellow countrymen, to those who put on their hats or uniforms and go to work every day and continue to put food on the table, no matter how much or how little it may be. I speak to the officers who protect and serve the law, who understand our constitutional rights and would gladly lay down their health or their lives, to protect another human being, in defense of what is right. I speak to the single mothers in poverty who do not trade in their EBTs for cigarettes or trinkets of interest. But the mothers who do their damn best to raise kids alone, be they victims of domestic violence, or simply a bad relationship. I speak to the mothers who will fight through anything to raise and love their children as best as they can, giving them more then they may ever have. I speak out to the middle school, high school, and college students who never gave up in life despite their circumstances, despite their plague of problems and sufferings. Who held their heads high in the face of adversity, and earned their diplomas, who earned their certificates or degrees, their technical training or their PHDs. I speak to my fellow countrymen everywhere, the brave firefighters and soldiers who do not often get thanked enough, the EMT ambulance drivers who save lives at a split moment’s notice. I speak to my fellow people everywhere, who has passion in their music, in their writing, in their friends, families, careers and in their hearts. I tell them to never forget where they came from, to remember the sacrifices laid down before them, and the ones that are sure to come after they have gone. To rise up in number, in strength and in unity.  To not let the times of hardship undermine their great ambition and dreams. And not to let the petty and political squabbles of yesterday, affect the inner workings and business of today. To the small business owners and entrepreneurs who chased their dreams and are successful every day they wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, to everyone, everywhere who has ever cared, I share with you this. My vision tonight is to tell you all, that none of you are failures, that all of you are beautiful creations of God, and that all of you have the potential to succeed. The only failures in life are the ones who stop trying. I share this vision with you now, because I believe in the spirits. The spirits of resolution and of strength, of ambition and of duty. Of sound character and judgment, and the pursuit of knowledge and of friendship. I have a vision, that everyone from the homeless man to the farmer, to the CEO, from the young child in kindergarten to the president of a college university, from the infant to the senior citizen, I have a vision, that all of us have a destiny we are meant to realize, and no matter what, wherever you are. You have great courage and potential yet to be realized within, and I am here to tell you now that I believe in each and every single one of you. I have a vision, of all of you. Thank you.

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A moment of inspiration, and how I feel about my country, countrymen, and my vision of success for us all

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