Anti-Army Or Not?

October 18, 2014
By Brittany1996 SILVER, Waupun, Wisconsin
Brittany1996 SILVER, Waupun, Wisconsin
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The United States Army, a 'group' I use to think was so stupid; Oh yeah a bunch of hot shot guys walking around with guns and weird helmets. Everyone talks about the males and females in the army being these like big strong fearless people. Which I still believe is false, sure they do things that could be compared to looking death right in the face; but their not the only ones. I've always believed that people in the army get a lot more credit than deserved. Fireman and Police officers do just as much or even a bit more than them and are not recognized for it like Military men are. Fireman run into burning down buildings to save people day in and day out and most get barely any real credit. Why should a guy holding a gun get more credit just because they are working for the government, their both risking their lives and they're both making a  big difference.

   Having a friend thats husband is in the Army also does not make my view point on the army any better. Her husband got deployed to Iraq for 2 years after them being married for about three years. He had a six month heads up that he was getting deployed and then two years apart. After being told the news the next six months they spent as much time together as was humanly possible. But no time is enough to be together to have two years apart. Once he left the life literally just sucked out of her day by day. I couldn't imagine being with someone I loved and cared about all the time; having dinner with him, feeling his comfort at night in bed and then to all of the sudden not having that. Watching what she went through and all the hurt she went through during that time, i just couldn't imagine. And neither one of them have any control over any of it; when he had to leave, how long he was gone for, or even if he'd even come back alive. Not knowing everyday if one day she was going to get a call saying her husband didn't make it, or that he went missing and they are assuming he died after so many days of being missing. Not knowing the unknown is a horrible thing. After seeing what my friend went through my heart goes out to all the families that have loved ones in the Army.

   After seeing everything my friend went through I vouched to never get involved with anyone associated with the Army. And I stayed with that, for a while. Now looking back I would never have thought I’d be married to an army veteran. Although being married to one has shown me a different point of view on it it’s still very hard to imagine. My friends give me crap for it all the time. No I still do not believe in most of the stuff the army makes people do.And I do not believe that married men and woman should be in the Army. But on the other hand if we didn’t have the army we wouldn’t have the freedom in America that we do. The freedom that I and many others take so for granted because we’ve never known any different. And if it weren't for them other countries wouldn’t be as safe as they are.

   If we didn’t have the army their would be millions of people unemployed as well. Some people don’t realize how many people are enlisted in the army and how they make an actual income from it. Granted our government is going bankrupt from it, but it still employs several millions. And with being employed in the army families are able to get health care and if you stay in for so long your children can get free schooling. Another benefit is you're able to get loans from the army to be able to get a house or car, ect.

   The army has pros and cons like everything in life does. But at the end of the day its one of those topics that people are going to disagree on no matter what anyone says. Everyone has their own right to their opinion. I still don’t know whether or be anti army or not but one way or the other the army is here and active. And if some country were planning an attack on America we would be ready thanks to our army men and woman. On the other hand lets never forget about all the other occupations that keep us safe and secure in America. And lets never forget to be thankful for the freedom we have in America. I’m proud to be an American.

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I've always wanted to write an opinion piece about the army and finally decided to go for it. 

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