How Ender Higgins is the younger fictionate man of Edward Snowden

June 27, 2014
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In Ender’s Game, Ender Higgins is being forced to wear a tracking device on the back of his neck so that his government could monitor everything he does. Edward Snowden was under the same conditions when working for the NSA. Ender Higgins was also manipulated into destroying an entire planet, and an entire colony along with it, by being tricked into thinking he was using a simulator. Edward Snowden was also manipulated, but by our American government, into performing illegal spying actions by the NSA. More similarities go on to be compared between these two.

Ender exposed this corruption immediately after it happened, as did Snowden after he worked for the NSA and gathered enough information against them. After Ender killed an entire planet, he got into an argument with Colonel Graff, Enders officer, and exposed what happened by yelling for everyone to hear. Snowden did the same but through our technology and the Internet. Snowden spread documents and other illegal data about the NSA all over the web for everyone to see. Ender and Snowden then went on to fix this corruption.

When Ender had faced the fact of what he had actually done, he wanted to fix it. He found the place where the last Bugger remained, guarding the last queen egg. He went face to face with this species that killed millions of humans and told him that he would make up for what he did. Ender took the last queen egg and searched the universe for another planet this queen could colonize. Snowden similarly did the same thing after he exposed the NSA. Snowden teamed up with lawyers to bring the NSA to justice and make the American government follow their own laws and regulations.

In conclusion, Edward Snowden’s story and Ender Higgins story are completely alike. They were both forced into manipulated by a form of government. They both then exposed their government’s wrong doings. They both didn’t stop there. They went on to end this corruption after exposing it, finding a long-term solution to the problem they were manipulated into. Ender Higgins is the younger version of Edward Snowden.

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