What Might Have Happened to MH370 Flight?

March 15, 2014
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I watched the Live of the speech of the prime minister of Malaysia. The ambiguous attitude of Malaysian government has provided me some inspiration of the actual process of this accident. It has occurred to me that the accident was not an accident but an event planned.

In the conference this afternoon (Beijing Time), the prime minister announced that the missing of MH370 happened at around 8:00 am, rather than the time published 7 days before which was around 1:00 am. It means that Malaysian government was concealing the fact in the past week. Thus, two things tend to be skeptical: The first is why the government chose today as the time to publish the fact? And what was going on during 1:00 am to 8:00? These two confusions are really important to find out the fact of the accident. To make them clear, I think some details of the entire process should be listed.

Before the MH370 was found missing, it had just flight above two points of contact in Andaman Sea, western Indian Ocean. And these two points are on the essential paths to Middle East and Europe. However, the airline was planned to fly to Beijing, a city in the opposite direction.Additionally, two passengers were assured to use the passports stolen from others. As for the signal, it seems that only the one who was really professional in plane driving could turn the communicator off. What’s more, an Australian media company reported that the assistant pilot-piston of MH370 had invited passengers into the cockpit and chatted with them while flying years ago. Above are all details known to the public.

Perhaps many facts have been hid by the government. But based on the simple details published to us, some clues may be seen because many details shall be suspected. And they are worthy to be employed to help us find what happened indeed.

First, who could be professional about flight driving and was also eligible to enter the cockpit to turn off the communicator and radar? If (s)he was a hijacker, the ground mission controller would have heard the noise in the cockpit. And it would have also been possible to hear the alarm from the plane. But it was not like that at all. Everything was made smoothly and quietly. In addition, it may be really rare to find a hijacker being master of aircraft controlling. Thus, I guess that two pilots turned off the communicator actually instead of others on MH370.

Second, why two passengers used stolen passports? One possibility is that they’d got their own passports lost. But most of people who meet with such an unfortunate will choose to call the police rather than steal other tourists’ passport. And since these two passengers had entered the land of Malaysia they must have had their own passport before boarding MH370. Consequently, I consider that they used others’ passports on purpose so as to hide their real identity. But why the custom officers couldn’t identify their appearances from the photos on the passports? For my part, it is likely that the officers let them slope off also on purpose.

And the final point is: what is hid by Malaysian government if they do want to hide something? It is evident that Malaysia hid the missing time in the past 7 days. And the Malaysian Air is also unwilling to be clear about the case of the plane. What’s more interesting is that Malaysian media are not so active about the progress of this case as the media from UK, USA and other western countries. Theoretically, Malaysian media, who represent the attitude of government to some extend, ought to be really aggressive about the pace of the process and other details about MH370 before the accident in order to assist other countries that participate in the search and rescue operation. But as a matter of fact, the order is not so sequential: The sharp western media publish the most recent pace and previous details first, and then Malaysia acknowledge the information or gives ambiguous response. Hence, I believe that Malaysian government just intends to make the issue ambiguous, rather than clarify it.

All three clues above are all pointing to a same inclination that Malaysia, including the government and the airline system, is unwilling to make the case clear, though they tend to show their urgency about the accomplishment of the issue with the assistance from other countries like China, Vietnam, Japan, USA etc. The clues and details are quite scrappy. Therefore, please allow me to use my imagination to fabricate a story about MH370. Please notice that it is just my conjecture. The story is stated as below:

The case of MH370 had been planned elaborately before the accident was published by public media. An enormous global crime organization which might focus on drug trade or so made a deal between an organization in Malaysia. Or they two were just in the huge organization and had their business in Malaysia. Their business, or action exactly, was so big that once it had been detected they would suffer a lot in future. So the organization had a discussion with Malaysian government: Let the two members go out of Malaysia to the place appointed where the other members of the organization would meet them. And the goods of trade would be transported with MH370. As a return, Malaysian government promised to conceal all of the information about the action. But all of the operation was a secret to the public.

After get a deal with the huge organization, Malaysian government began making actions on the state-owned airline company. They asked the custom officer, security check officer and even the pilots to act as they were told. Afterwards, the two passengers used fake passports to board MH370.

The plane took off as usual. But shortly after its taking off, the airplane turned around to the west, going to the place the two members would have a meet with other organization members. To hide their route, the pilots turned off the radar and communicator as they were told. The appointed place to have a meet may be on a tiny island on or around Indian Ocean. It is probably in the territory of another country except the countries not involved near Malaysia. Maybe when the case is solved and the fact is shown, none of us will think we’ve thought about that country could do that. To hide the organization’s action, Malaysian government now is just making the situation a total mess so as to disturb the vision of the globe. I guess that when the attention on this issue is going to fade, the organization will send the airplane back just like the plane was absorbed into a time tunnel and then came out. As for the hundreds of passengers on the plane, the organization will tell them how to response to the ask from the public. Of course, they’ll be altogether told to say they got into a supernatural phenomenon. Thus, everything seems to be peaceful to the globe.

If my speculation is reasonable, MH370 now is on a secret place, which is likely a small island on Indian Ocean or somewhere in Middle East. And all passengers on MH370 are detained by the crime organization but basic living goods are provided. Additionally, the organization is filling their brains with how to use lies to comfort the world after they are sent back in future. In other words, they’re safe currently. And that’s all my analysis and conjecture about the whole process of the case of MH370.

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