The Ukrainian Crisis

March 3, 2014
The Ukraine is a nation of dissent and protests. After the Euromedian protests have come to an "end", the government is in shambles, protests have broken out in predominantly ethnic russian areas, and the path of Ukraine is hazy at best. The interim government has no control over its people, and with the breakup of the police forces known as Berkut, it's unlikely that they will ever be in full control. As well as the fleeing of impeached president Yanukovych to the predominantly russian south,the area of Ukraine which he carried with a clear cut majority during the elections. Since the new government out of Kiev took power, russian and tartars have been in conflict over the issue of what to do next. One major region in the south by the name of the Crimea has experienced minor protests from both groups. However it would seem more likely that the crimean government would seek the help of the Russian government. With Russian forces now "training" on the joint border of Russia and Ukraine, it would seem as that the Russian government is getting ready for a fight. The choice is up to the Russian government over whether it will be an aggressor or a defender in the upcoming war. The path is hazy for Ukraine but there is a way to end it all. The Western Ukraine would rather be part of the EU while the East wants to join the Russian-Belarusian-Kazakhstan custom union which has been dubbed Eurasian Union versus the better known European Union. So the optional plan would to break the West from the East and continue forward with the group that either side wants to join(As seen in the photo). However the West won't allow that with most of the production and money coming out of the east, as well as the majority of food coming out the east. So in the end the Ukraine is doomed to war for a government that will be corrupt if not more so than the last one was.

The Ukraine has been hit again by massive protests from not the west but the east. The protests have taken the Crimea by force, literally. The pro-Russian protesters have taken control over the regional parliament as well as the two major airports in the region. The protesters have also kicked out the old government and have placed a pro-moscow government in place. The new government of Crimea has asked the Russian Federation for help on Friday which was granted today by the Russian Federal Assembly as the State Duma and the Federation Council have granted the Russian president , Vladimir Putin, the use of force within the area. Soon afterwards, Russian naval troops took control of major cities in the region. However, this wasn't the only part of the country which has started to descend into chaos as the cities of Odessa, Kharkiv, and Donetsk. The regional capital of Donetsk had the russian flag risen over the regional headquarters as well in Kharkiv where 10,000 strong have raised the Russian tri-color high.These areas of the country have been unstable after the Euromedian protests due to the fact of the area being Pro-Yanukovych in the elections. The regional capital of Donetsk has called for an referendum to decide the region's future with the country of Ukraine. Quoted from the City council's page"Until all the legitimacy of the new laws approved by Verkhovna Rada [Ukrainian Parliament] is clarified, the City Council [of Donetsk] will take full responsibility for its territories" This could be a deciding vote as the rest of the east looks to see if the the region will break away as well as if they will follow suit. The region will be a key player as well as the region of Crimea. We will just have to wait and see what will happen is this shaken country.

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