Palestinian Terroism, or Freedom Fighting

March 3, 2014
By Jack17 BRONZE, Bend, Oregon
Jack17 BRONZE, Bend, Oregon
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Many people see Palestinians terrorist attacks and think of them as horrible monsters heck bent on killing. It is easy to see why people feel this way. Several times a year it seems there is a Palestinian terrorist attack. But if you see it from their perspective you might not condemn them, you might even agree with them.

History is filled with accounts of the oppressed people fighting and beating the bigger opponent. Like such accounts as Ireland’s independence, Mandela’s imprisonment, Bolivian students cooing their president, and even Libyan freedom. What do all of these events have in common? Terrorism. Ireland freedom fighters randomly killed British police officers, Mandela blew up several government buildings before going to prison, Bolivian students made burning tire blockades, Libyan freedom fighters brutally killed Gaddafi.

After WWII the allies decided the Jewish population needed a country to call their own. This was a good idea in theory, except for the fact that the land the future Israelis wanted was where Palestine was. They wanted this land because Jerusalem was there, the Holy city to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Without the consent of Palestine, the UN kicked them out and their land was named Israel.

The Israelis felt a strong dislike to the Palestinians who were deemed lesser people. Since the Palestinians were poor and didn’t have the military supplies to fight the Israelis like any other army many became Guerrilla fighters. The surrounding Arab nations angered by Israel, declared it not to be a state and they invade Israel. Israel defeats them and prepares for another invasion. During this time since the Palestinians don’t have the missiles or bombs the Israelis have they use terrorist tactics against the Israeli army.

This way the Palestinians are fighting might seem horrible and despicable. To more civilized countries like ours how the Palestinians fight it seems like the Israelis are totally in the right. But look at it from the Palestinian perspective. Your home has been taken from you, the people who take it over aren’t sorry for you but actually hate you, then you fight back with the only way you can. Then the whole world thinks you are some kind of monster, meanwhile Israel blocks food, water, and medical supplies from getting to you. Then your country tries to get their independence peacefully. The US and Israel make plans for a 2 state solution but they don’t carry it out.

So I implore you to think about things from their perspective. Now they are trying to get their country peacefully.

The author's comments:
I wanted to write this piece after seeing someone's article on how Russia is our enemy. I felt like that article was very incorrect. So I decided to write a paper on what my opinion is.

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