What About our Jobs?

November 11, 2008
Dear President Elect Obama,

First, U want tosttart off by saying that I am very happy with the outcome of the election. My family and I have total confidence that you and your administration will turn the country around. Everyone has specific needs that need to be attended too, but I want to focus on an issue that is directly affecting me.

I am a 15 year old girl. I have 2 brothers. I live with both of my parents. My mother has been unemployed for the past 3 years, and she has never given up on the pursuit of work. My Dad is able to support all of us, but barely. He attended college and has a Government job. My MOther has a highschool diploma, but at her age, I think it is uterly ridiculous that she is unable to obtain a job. America is, "The Land of Oppurtunity", but why are millions living without jobs? My question is are Americans going to be assured better job oppurtunities under your administration, or will families like mine, still feel like we are in the dark? I am not alone on this issue, so I hope your administration will put this on the agenda for sure.

-Thank you for your time

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