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My America

I walked through the doors of my high-school and found the hallways lined with mock election posters. Posters that read "Don't hire a terrorist, vote for McCain" "Don't vote for another Bush, vote Obamma." For months my living room has also been bombarded by the same messages from National News channels. Two government classes were racing against each other in our own election. Students from both sides were running around vandalizing posters and attacking each other verbally in the school hallways. My school was teaching the next generation of future leaders of our country to play the roll of dirty politics. There was no information provided from either side about what they would do for our country. It was a game of who said what and when. I love and support my country and troops. Though, sometimes I am embarrassed to be part of this country. Do we have to sink that low to destroy each others self to get a vote? If I looked at our politics from the view of another country I would think "Do they have no pride?" Therefore, I didn't participate or believe that I should research either party. I didn't know what to be truth or lies. So as I walked down my high-school hallways I saw what is to be the future of my America.

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