Is Death for a Death?

February 25, 2014
By PinkPanther123 SILVER, West Windsor, New Jersey
PinkPanther123 SILVER, West Windsor, New Jersey
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Since ancient times, crime has been common. People have committed acts of theft , harassment and even murder. If this was 500 BC, then the person who committed the murder would be hanged, without a proper trial as his/her punishment. Nowadays, society has changed and become more advanced. However, capital punishment still reigns as the harshest punishment in U.S. Eighteen states have abolished this punishment, but in 32 states, hanging is still legal. The question is should this harsh punishment be legalized throughout the country.

Where ever we go on the planet, we will never get away from crime. It’s like Yin and Yang. If there’s always good there’s always evil. Capital punishment is the harshest punishment, just as murdering is the harshest crime. If a person murdered someone and were still allowed to live despite his terrible act, what message will this send to the world? That there won't be a severe punishment. People will think its okay to commit this crime. When people are scared of something, they wouldn't want to do it. If the punishment is high they would be scared and wouldn't even think of doing it. Capital punishment doesn't happen to bad happens to the worst and most evil people who have a mental set for murder. Capital punishment is a deterrent to crime.

Now on the other hand , although these people have a urge to commit murder it doesn't mean that killing them is a right way to go.We all value life ; why can't we value theirs? Can we proceed with a punishment other than death? At the end of the day we are committing acts against morality against them. Also, we want the perpetrator to pay for his sins. He should be feeling guilty and disgusted in himself. Physical pain heals , but emotional pain may never. The convicted person should repent for his actions so it doesn't happen again.

To conclude there may be scenarios where capital punishment fits and others where it doesn't. It all depends on the facts and what's the best retribution for the perpetrator;physical pain or emotional pain.

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