dangers on facebook

January 8, 2014
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Do you think that teens today share too much information this days? Yes teens do share too much information these days.One reason that you should try to be careful on social networks is that people can track you on the social networks. Also other teens can could bully you on the online networks. My last reason that you should be careful on online networks is that you can get hacked.

My that first reason you that should be careful on social networks is that people can track you. Then they could harm you or kill you or even take your valuables. So turn off your gps off on facebook so that dangerous people can’t find you and harm your family or even you.But some people might say that the gps is if they get lost and then they can find you.But doesn’t your phone have gps on it so just turn the gps off on your facebook so that on one get hurt.

My second reason is cyberbullying because hundreds of people are cyberbully all around the world. When people are cyberbullied they could commit suicide.Or wosres they could come to school or work and they coulded harm you or kill you. Also they could kill or harm others. So don’t cyberbully because it could hurt other people. That is why you shouldn’t cyberbully.

My third reason is about hacking because there are ton of people that get hacked every day. Now those people know to set their privacy settings so that only your friends can see what you post or like.And that your friends friends and the whole world see what you posted or what you liked. Some people might say that they set their privity setting but I say check again. Did you know that every time you upad that your privacy setting are lost.

Some people might think that it’s ok to share information on facebook, but I disagree. People should not have their gps on facebook. Also don’t cyberbully others on social networks. And don’t hack other people they could hack you back. This is how facebok is dangerous.

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