Africa: The Sleeping Giant

January 1, 2014
By annagifty SILVER, Columbia, Maryland
annagifty SILVER, Columbia, Maryland
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"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind." - C.S. Lewis

Africa has an abundance of resources. Despite the corruption and turmoil that has gone on for the past two decades, Africa has promise that exceeds that of the world. Many African immigrants are obtaining professional degrees that give them the potential to better their own countries. With that said, why is Africa still residing in the low light of the global community? Let’s be honest, corruption is the nucleus of this atom that is Africa’s instability. Many countries suffer from immoral leaders that rather live in affluence than protect those who can barely survive. It is really greed that is “killing” Africa. But the reality is, not everyone is acquisitive. Most citizens of Africa want a change in leadership and management; they want the wealth to distribute; they want fair elections; and most importantly, Africans wants to reclaim their homelands.

I visited Ghana last year and saw numerous Chinese people. If you do not know, Ghana is nicknamed the Gold Coast because of its abundance in Gold and minerals. I found it quite puzzling that the government was allowing other countries to take the jobs and future wealth of their own. It is actually not logical. Many Ghanaians fear that the Chinese are going to take over their country very soon. As a native Ghanaian, I fear that the leadership might allow this to happen. At the crux of it all, Ghana, like many other African countries, has the potential to be an influential country in the future global community.

Where do you think Africa is going to be in the next decade?

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