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Immigration: Good or Bad?

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During recent years, illegal immigration has been a very debatable topic in the U.S. Some opinions support that as long as illegal immigrants pay their taxes, “an adoption for amnesty” will be given. This is, the “illegal aliens” will be accepted as part of the nation, as long as they pay their taxes. I believe immigrants deserve better than a harsh frown. On the other hand, others believe illegal immigrants are just disturbing America’s population. However, isn’t it unfair to treat fellow people that come to America in search of opportunities, as aliens? This term is rather discriminating, considering the fact we are all humans. Nonetheless, the admission of illegal immigrants is not necessarily correct, but certainly, they should be given a chance to become American citizens if they comply with American taxes and laws.

The DREAM Act, established on August 1st, 2001 by the Senate, gives minor immigrants the right to eventually have a “conditional residency” if they have been attending school, college, etc. in the U.S. from a young age. Even though this act has been in dispute for many years, the only way to restore humanity is to allow the young population to have a better life. I believe it is rather contradictory that people from the exterior have fewer opportunities in their country, therefore, decide to look for a better life (involving education, work, living conditions, etc.), but instead, they are harshly frowned upon by some Americans. These families and the general immigrant population is already taking a big risk by coming into the country, and their intention is far beyond being successful in this new land.

As the young population strives to find better opportunities and improve their family’s situation, they are willing to sacrifice a great deal, including entering illegally to another country and performing jobs the national population sees as undermining. I must note that this way of life can be full of struggle. Waking up early in the morning to care for your siblings, complete house chores, struggle to get to your school/work on time, come back home late at night to prepare dinner, and find yourself ready for another day of hard labor, is certainly not an easy task. Imagine yourself having to take on these many challenges, but at the same time, worry that this might be the day that you and your family might be caught and deported. Not a very pleasant picture, right? Even though entering a country in this manner is illegal, it is worth finding ourselves in the same situation. If your family depended on you to do this and more everyday, how would you react?

No matter what gender, race, culture, etc. you belong to, it is important to recognize that we are all human. Therefore, it is important that our society can help give a hand when somebody needs it. In other words, how is calling seeking a better life “alien”, human? No matter who you are, or what you support, it should be crucial to provide for our neighbors. Therefore, reckon that illegal immigrants should be given a chance, despite of their backgrounds. In the same way, I invite you, to give a hand as well.

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