Stop big brother with the power of transcendentalism

November 7, 2013
By mattean azari BRONZE, Kennesaw, Georgia
mattean azari BRONZE, Kennesaw, Georgia
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When I look back at how are government has been treating me. I slowly started not to care about myself but started to care about humanity as a whole. I know that as one person I could not fight the government. But I if I have the support of an entire nation then change can happen. That’s why I do not write about how I can make a difference in the world but, how humanity can make a difference against the government. DDOSing is the same concept, one server cannot damage a large website but 18,000 servers can bring down a website. “United we stand divided we fall.”
How would you feel if every day you knew that big brother watched over you? He knew what all your favorite interest. He understood the way you think, the way you talked to others. The internet was created as a way a person could get into an environment where they can connect with a virtual nature and be taken away from the world’s problems. Man can use the internet to connect with a world that is built upon the foundation of intergrading with other or become one with himself through transcendentalism.

When the internet was being created back in the 70’s, many agreed that it would be a great jump for humanity’s way to communicate with others, but this new technology came with a flaw. Tapping into others private information could easily be done. Edward Snowden was a former military contractor who defected and brought the major privacy leaks that the United States and her allies had done in the name of “liberty” to collect millions or terabytes of people’s personal data and stored it in central government serer were your information can used in unconstitutional ways to “protect and serve the public”. But the internet laws and the bill of rights protects us from illegal searches that take away are virtual nature from are property and take away are deepest thought to control are minds with the illusion that they protecting us from “terrorist activities”.

“A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government”. These words were and are used as a way to not conform to these injustices. Many groups have emerged as “freedom fighter” to protect us from the injustices that are government has brought upon us. But these groups alone cannot stop big brother from taking away our virtual nature. We must band together under the flag of hope and use the idea of non-conformity to take back control of the government and imprison big brother with the voice of the people. The people must take to the streets with the courage of a thousand men and must not become violent or we would become just as evil as our oppressors. If our oppressors see violence they will use it as an excuse to oppress us even more laws that will take away our rights.

At the rate the government has been going unjust laws will be implemented into are virtual nature that shall oppress the rights of the people to think freely and privately without the invention and prosecution of the government. Big brother and the government will try to lie to the people with the illusion that the laws they are putting onto action will not affect the people. That they will only be used to “protect” the people, but big brother wants to know the people’s movements and thoughts to find ways to control the population. But if we resist these unjust laws by using proxies and using the IP’s of other nations that support internet privacy and ignore the laws that your government has put into place we can resist it.

The author's comments:
Id'e rather die a poor free man than a rich enslaved man.

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