Immigration Reformation

November 6, 2013
People come to the United States for the promise of freedom and opportunity. But the current immigration system in the United States is broken: Families are separated, immigrant workers are exploited, people die trying to cross the border, and there is heavy discrimination against immigrants. How we treat newcomers should reflect the values of fairness and equality that define the United States as a country. We need a fair immigration process, one that includes a roadmap for people who aspire to be citizens.

Could you imagine one day receiving a call that a loved one who is in jail? It may not seem that bad to some, however what if that person were your mother or father? I certainly have, two times. By having mexican born parents, the first thing that will cross your mind is “What’s going to happen now, how much money is in the bank account to take a loved one out of jail before they get sent to immigration?” It is a very difficult time that I wish for nobody. Going to the jail and visiting your loved one without being able to hug them or to know God knows when you are going to see that person again is the worst. Millions of families are forced to live in the shadows, under fear of arrest of deportation, criminalizing the adults and separating parents from children. The fear of going to the store to buy some food or going anywhere, because you do not have a license. It's a moral issue when people who appear to be immigrants are racially profiled, especially in states like Alabama and Arizona, which passed laws that require police and other state officials to determine immigration status if there is "reasonable suspicion" about their citizenship. As people of color, we understand exploitation. We understand what it's like to work hard only to barely get by. We must be the first to raise the banner in support of equal justice for immigrants. We should be the first to argue for a fair pathway to citizenship.

Immigrants are hard working people who work for many hours a day and only for little pay. The fact is, migrant workers do the jobs that Americans simply do not want to do. In addition, many parents of now teenagers applied for their children in the process to become a U.S citizen when they were toddlers and still no news from the U.S. citizen administration. People have hoped for many years, however the process takes so long, yet they are positive and have faith that one day they will be “legalized”. Immigrants are all children of God. A way to help or contribute is by simply your vote for pro immigration reform. The time is now to unite and have faith in this immigration reform, for the better of families, the children, the immigration system and the fair treatment of immigrants.

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