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November 1, 2013
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Why there should be no homework in school!

I’m going to tell you why there should be no homework in school. First, students don’t really like homework in general. Second, scientific data say that homework doesn’t help with test scores. And there are many other reasons why there shouldn’t be homework in your school. Personally I think that homework doesn’t help me and I think that we should have no homework in school. Let me persuade you why there should be no homework in school.

There is an article written by Johanna Sorrentino. In this article Sorrentino talks about why there shouldn’t be homework in school. Let me persuade you into why schools shouldn’t have homework. First, doing homework after getting home from a long and exhausting day of school, most students go to work on there homework. Using books and worksheets, this seems like a normal day to kids but now more than ever, research is saying that it shouldn’t be (Sorrentino). Second, homework can lead to spending time with your family hard to come by. Some parents complain about kids having so much homework. This can lead to fights between families lead to problems and neglect from the parents (Sorrentino). Third, there is a private school in Tucson, Arizona, which has a no-homework policy in k-12 grades. This school does this to ensure that school should be enjoyable for students. At the private school in Arizona student often bring home their favorite subject home to show their parents and to show their friends. Most of the kids feel better about managing their time and asking their teachers thought provoking questions (Sorrentino). That is what Johanna Sorrentino thinks and I think that it is true also.

There is another article written by Alfie Kohn that talks about why there shouldn’t be homework in school. First, the book quotes “homework is all pain and no gain” in the book The Homework Myth. Alfie says that there is no scientific data that shows that homework and academic achievement are important to grades in elementary school and in high school (Kohn). Some negative affects of homework are loss of interest, lack of time for sports and activities, frustration and or exhaustion, less time to spend with your family, and many other things (Kohn). Second, there is no evidence of homework improving grades in elementary school or in high school. Homework also has no proof of helping with studding or becoming a better student (Kohn). Third, homework makes students unhappy, students loose interest in school if they have homework. Homework also builds up stress for parents too (Kohn). I think that Alfie Kohn makes a good point and that his book is very accurate.

In conclusion, there are many articles that support why there should be no homework in school. There are a few schools with a no-homework policy today. I think that every school should have no homework because it makes being a kid less fun, makes it hard to hang out with friends and family, and it can build up stress within a family. Homework is not fun for kids and not exactly fun for teachers either. That is why I think there should be no homework in school not just in my school but schools around the world.

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