What is really essential for success in today's job market?

October 10, 2013
By Anonymous

When most of think of high school curriculum we think of English, Math, and Science and while all of these subjects are an integral part of a child's academic success we don't realize that there are lessons America's youth isn't learning. Children in public schools aren't learning everything they should in order to succeed in today's cutthroat world. Sure, if they're good at math and physics they will probably be engineers or if they have marvelous literary skills they will most likely major in english or journalism. But that just isn't enough. What does it matter that you have all these extraordinary skills if you aren't able to seize all the opportunities that are thrown your way?

America's public schools are lacking a very essential component: teaching children valuable skills that can be applied to being successful in the job market. Many students go through the American education system without having ever taken an economics or finance course much less a psychology course. You may ask, "Well, why are these things essential?". Although these studies may seem useless to the naked eye, they are indispensable to a student's success. Studying economics or finance as a teenager or at any age for that matter would help you understand the various trends and outlooks not only in the job market but in many other aspects such as stocks. Who wouldn't want to leave high school knowing how to trade stocks and having the ability to understand the "complexity" of world economics or being able to understand the fundamentals of human interactions?

Having students take a psychology course would open their eyes to so many things. They would understand why certain groups of people are more prone to certain situations. Most of us have bad habits that we just can't shake and these habits start when we are very young. We do them because firstly, we aren't even conscious of them and secondly, because even if we were conscious of them we don't know how to fix them. While some habits can be innocuous others can have a serious impact on our road to success. For example, most students tend to go home and watch a ridiculous amount of television. They do this because they don't know any better. Their brains have been programmed to follow these horrendous habits and without any guidance from a course that teaches at least a bit of psychology they will never understand how they can stop doing this. A course of this nature would also help students understand why other people do the things they do. This would help them understand how to act around certain, what to say, even what to wear. Once they understand the basics of human interaction they will be a step ahead of everyone else.

Ultimately, a student's success isn't merely based on his academic achievements. Yes, it is a big part of one's success but the lack of these courses in the classroom is inevitably hurting the chances of a student's success in the job market. Once public schools start providing their students with the tools for success we will start to see an increase in well educated, market savvy and ambitious individuals.

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