Politics Becomes A Problem To Students

October 1, 2013
By , Fuvahmulah, Maldives
I am from a small town country called Maldives which does not appear on most maps. It is a 100% Muslim country. But even here, we are democratic. Maldives used to be in the world record book for being one of the countries that have the lowest crime rated. But recently after political parties were introduced, it went up faster than you can say ‘Zip.’ Sure this might be normal to all Americans and other large countries, and this might not seem like much but the people who have lived long enough in Maldives would be aware of this.
However, my topic is not to ramble on and on about the crime rate of my country, but about its political problems and how this effects us students. Every where we turn, everywhere we stay, we still see the same things. Politician’s pictures, banners, posters, flags and I could go on and on about this. This has become a problem even at school. We see these flags and clothes with stamps hung all over by the school road like they are getting ready for a festival. 90% of the houses have one of the politician’s faces sprayed on the wall. In fact, parents are so engrossed in the campaigns that they persuade the kids to take the campaign pens, rulers and other things to school. This has become such an eyesore for all of us students as they have something like “Vote for ‘……’ “ or “ ‘………’ is the best.
The teachers scold the students but what can they do if their parents wouldn’t buy them a pen? What can they do if the parents would only give them a stupid political pen?
Another problem is that the political parties are competing so hard that they decided to have a club house. I think there are 3 leading political parties. Yeah sure only 3 club houses. So what? Oh yeah? Think again. They couldn’t settle with only one. They should have more than the others, oh no they are not going to let ‘…..’ have two club houses. They need to have three of them. This is a terrible problem. Hello people! Ever heard of lack of space. What do you think you are doing building five or four clubhouses when that space can be used to build a house, a mosque, a hospital or a school. If the club houses were quite then we students would have less complaints but no wait! They need to let everyone know of their greatness and play some crappy political song on full sound. I have one near our house and I swear even Pluto would be able to hear it. This interrupts my work and weirds me out because come on, not only do they have terrible taste in the music, but they also had to get some old man who is above 50 to sing that song.
As I see, a lot of kids have been deprived of their parent’s attention. Sure us teens don’t need attention. We hate any kind of attention from our family. But what we don’t realize is that it annoys us that our parents care more about anything other than us. Most kids will be locked home being told to study and the parents would go to join some campaign. This can be proved easily because when I log online to a social website half of my friends would be online. And almost everyone says the same thing. “My parents went to join some political walk. Totally cool. We can spend all day online.” Yes! Sad I know.
A few days ago, a brilliant man Dr. Afrasheem ( if I remember correctly) was brutally murdered by a group of people that barely turned eighteen. When the police investigated they found out that these kids were promised Four million Rufiyaa (that’s our currency) by some political people. This victim was one of the most religiously educated people in the entire country. He even had a PHD.
Last I remembered this not how Muslims are supposed to act. Since when did we start doing things like this? I don’t know all I know is that politics is ruining our education and there are tons of kids that agrees with me.

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ConstanceContraire said...
Oct. 4, 2013 at 7:58 pm
Great Job! :)
Hime4eva replied...
Oct. 8, 2013 at 12:36 pm
Thanks ^_^
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