The Overwhelming Need for the Second Amendment

August 25, 2013
By 15donatom GOLD, Milford, Massachusetts
15donatom GOLD, Milford, Massachusetts
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"The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” I am a huge proponent of the second amendment to the Constitution, which is curious because I don't own a firearm. In fact, I have never shot or even held a firearm. So, then why would I support the right of the American people to "bear and keep arms." I understand the fundamental and irrefutable purpose of the second amendment. The second amendment exists within the Constitution to provide the people of the United States with an ample means of overthrowing a tyrannical government.

Now, a natural reaction that I get from people when I implore them to see the actual reasons for the second amendment is one of mockery and disdain. People seem to find it impossible that the United States could ever take away the freedoms if its people and become closer and closer to a tyranny that our founding fathers feared. The unfortunate truth is that people do not realize that their freedoms are being stripped form them until it is far too late. The founding fathers wanted to protect our right to conduct revolution through force if other means of protest failed. Consider this, the first amendment protects our freedom of speech and in a sense our right to non-violently protest. Next, it was only logical for the writers of the Constitution to make a precaution for an instance where non-violent protest fails and we continued to lose our freedoms. That is why the second amendment came second. First, we try to peacefully resolve a situation. If that fails, we have the ability to take up arms against those that oppress us.
The founder fathers did not create the second amendment to protect people's ability to hunt or practice at the range. In the 1700s, every family owned a firearm. It was a simple tool for them. The founder's had a much more profound reason for securing the citizen's freedom to own firearms.

So, how does all this play into the recent gun control debate?

Turn on any news station after a mass shooting and you will be subject to countless arguments based on complete disinformation. This spread of lies and fallacious debate leads to masses of people that are willing to restrict the freedoms that countless soldiers throughout our countries history died defending because we could save one life. And we would allow politicians to rob us of that freedom because we are simply too uninvolved in our own government to educate ourselves on issues. People simply want to shift the onus of protection onto the government because they are not willing to do what is necessary to protect themselves.

I implore all of you to get educated on matters before you simply produce an emotional response to issues. We all cry when children are murdered in massacres, but to simply surrender our freedoms in the hope that one child could be saved is foolish.The founding fathers knew that an unarmed populous, could be easily oppressed, restricted, and controlled. They needed to make it clear in the Constitution that the people would not lose their right "to keep and bear arms."

The author's comments:
It is extremely natural for people to react with an emotional response when a catastrophe occurs. Hopefully, this article encourages people to take a step back and look at certain situations more empirically.

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