Why the Trayvon Martin Case Got so Much Attention

July 30, 2013
By AlexR. BRONZE, Fort Lee, New Jersey
AlexR. BRONZE, Fort Lee, New Jersey
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The Trayvon Martin case is receiving so much attention because of the internet. Because of social media, people have become aware of the situation. The internet spread the information to different sites quickly. It is interesting this case got so much attention and it is all due to the internet.

The internet spread the information to different types of sites quickly. People take advantage of the internet because it let’s you access it by the tips of your fingers. Once the event happened, it was spread all over the internet. The internet is one reason why the Trayvon Martin case received so much attention.

The internet allows people to connect with each other about the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin case. People can meet each other online without having to step a foot outside. People can also start conversations, blogs, or meetings about the situation on the internet.

Without the internet the Trayvon Martin case wouldn’t have received so much attention. Social media, and the internet are some reasons why this case is important. Due to the internet, this case got so much attention.

The author's comments:
The Trayvon Martin case got everyone's attention because it was important but also because of social media.

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