Letter To Trayvon Martin

July 18, 2013
July 13th 2013
11:09 pm
Dear Trayvon Martin,
And so I guess you’re shaking your head up in heaven right about now,after hearing that your
killer was found not guilty. And I know a lot of us down here on earth are thinking “WTF WHY?!
But you saw this coming,didn’t you?
This is my problem: A 40 year old man is practically stalking you, and he kills you, but he gets
off,with a slap on the wrist, a broken nose, and a couple of boo-boo’s that only needed a butterfly
closure to fix. All of his injuries are healed by now, but you? You are nothing more than a
Wait;I take that back. You’re more than a memory. Trayvon Martin, you died young,and you died
innocent, and you died black, but you know what?
You died a martyr.
I’m sure you know that there’s this thing here, that nobody wants to admit exist...while I like to
believe it’s a unicorn, I’m not so naive to realize it’s racism.
Not only did you die black,Tray. You died because you were black.
And that...that’s not cool. Not to me, to the black community, to everyone, but your killer.
Your death and this sentence, may start a revolution.
Holy God, I’m scared.
But also...proud of you. And while I apologize, for everything, (your death, this crap sentence) I
also feel compelled to say; thank you.
My heart goes out to you,Tray. To you,your family, everyone left behind after your murder. And
my hoodie is...forever up,in honor of you.
Rest In Peace.


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pickypicky844 said...
Mar. 22, 2014 at 10:14 am
This is coming from a girl who lives in the same town and attends the same school Trayvon Martin did. George Zimmerman is only guilty of self-defense and Trayvon Martin was another poor kid that got sucked in to the ghetto scene. He wasn't some angelic 17-year-old boy. He was just trying to be a 'gangsta' kid and he had every chance to walk away but he circled back and confronted Zimmerman. He shouldn't have died though because it was an accident. Everybody was at the wrong place... (more »)
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