Invisble Children???

June 7, 2013
By Believer17 SILVER, River Rouge, Michigan
Believer17 SILVER, River Rouge, Michigan
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Some people don’t know what Invisible Children is all about. Invisible Children is a non-profit organization working to put the world’s most dangerous war criminal to justice. For those of you who don’t know Invisible Children is working to bring Joseph Kony and the LRA to justice. For the past 26 years Joseph Kony and his army also known as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has been in Africa. He abducts the boys and turns the boys into soldiers and makes them kill their families, mutilate and slaughter innocent people. What child deserves to live a life like that?? Not one. That isn’t even the half of it. Do you want to know what he does to the girls he abducts?? He rapes them!!!! He makes the girls his wives!!!! Mind you these girls are around 13-14. No older than that!!!
Then people want to know why this is so important. It’s important because no child is supposed to live like that. Children don’t ask to be brought into the world. It happens and at the end of the day, they are supposed to be protected, cherished and loved. Not abused, misused, manipulated, and striped of their humanity and love. These children did nothing wrong. They do not deserve this. Most importantly, the families of these children don’t deserve all this heart break and the mental instability that comes with this. Not only does every child on the planet deserve to live, but every family on the planet deserves to be happy and live long lives with their loved ones without having to worry, and wonder if Joseph Kony is going to mess it all up.
If it wasn't for the work of Invisible Children doing the work that they are doing then I can guarantee that no one would know what is going on. Ben Keesey, the CEO of Invisible Children said, “Every person on the planet has inherent rights that should be defended against the worst crimes against humanity, first by our own countries, and then by our global communities no matter where we live.” That is not a joke. We have the right to protect each other. Jason Russell says, “All life has value and all life is equal.” Jason Russell said that when people can’t relate to something they turn it off or stop paying attention to it. How can you do that?? What is there to relate to?? The point is that people’s lives are being destroyed and ripped apart because of this bastard who thinks he can get control by maiming and slaughtering. He isn’t even man enough to do the killing himself. This guy is a punk and nothing more. He is a bastard that deserves to rot in hell and nothing more.
But we sit here and make stupid statuses and tweets about being bored and not having anything to do. You want something to do?? What we you can do is make it known that Joseph Kony is a monster and he needs to be stopped. Contact Senators, and Representatives and let them know that this is a serious problem in the world they need to help stop it. Hold summits don’t give up until enough people know about this. Make Joseph Kony famous and wake up the people who forgot. Jason Russell says, “WE WILL NOT DISMISS THE PROBLEMS OF OUR FRIENDS SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT OUR OWN.”
At a time people were thinking that this is scam and that Jason Russell is a fake. People stated to make this about the man behind the video and his break down when in reality this is much bigger than one man. And to start off Jason Russell is a gift from God. Do you want to know why he had a break down? He had one because people weren’t getting how serious this is. People weren’t getting the fact that if they spoke up and made noise about this that Joseph Kony could stopped and lives can be saved. It drove him crazy because he didn’t know what to do. Then people started targeting his family and was telling him to go to hell and all this other stuff. GET OFF HIS BACK!! THIS MAN IS CHANGING THE WAY WE SEE INTERNATIONAL CRIME! Jason Russell started a movement that everyone should be a part of. So before you go around discrediting the work Jason Russell and Invisible Children are doing, do your research and understand this is about the children in Africa. This is about the families whose lives are being destroyed.
Subscribe to the Invisible Children YouTube channel, like the Invisible Children page on Facebook and follow Invisible Children on Twitter. You can also follow Life at Invisible. The work we do to make Joseph Kony famous, then the more our senators and other people in power will care. Enough said

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Our voices matter and are voices are the voice of change. Everyone in this world can make a difference.

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