One Child Policy

May 14, 2013
One Child Policy
Is having a One Child Policy politically correct? It is clear the answer to this is no; we need to have an expanding population to give people the opportunity to have children and give them a loving, fulfilling life. Plus, who knows? Your child could become president. China has a One Child Policy, and it is wrong because you should have the freedom to have as many children as you want. You need to be able to provide and care for them; therefore, this rule should be abolished.
The One Child Policy is hurting the economy of China. The One Child Policy has been in effect since 1979. The policy was made as necessary because of the overpopulation and to also promote economic aspects. The policy has been highly stressful for China in achieving its objective. Specifically the economic aspects. According to "Why China Is Finally Abandoning Its One Child Policy," “In the 1800’s China and Japan were similar in terms of per capita income and in an emperor dominated form of government. The principal social difference was that Japan had primogeniture laws pertaining to inheritance and China did not. Hence, in Japan, when a wealthy man died, the eldest son inherited all, generally land, and the younger siblings, who were equally educated, tended to migrate to the cities and transferred their allegiance to the emperor rather than their families.” In other words when you are handing down your business you want it to go to your child that is responsible and mature enough to manage the family company. You might not get a responsible, mature child if you only have one child. The other children also became middle class who made industrial revolution happen in Japan. The One Child Policy should be allowed at least a few more children. If you knew you were dying and your child had disabilities to the point where they couldn’t manage the family company, you would like one of your more responsible children to manage it wouldn’t you? According to Liu Donghua, the founder of Zhenghe Island, in the article “China's One-Child Policy Backfires For Entrepreneurs”, Liu Donghua aks Wang Jialan, “How come you only had one son?”, Wang answered with, “My wife didn’t want to have more when we were young and now it’s too late.” Wang also told Liu that if someone within a family was to inherit a company there should be more options because of more mature or wiser kids. This is why should be able to have more kids.
Along with the economic drawbacks, the people of China also lack the freedom other country’s populations have. Now when saying you should be able to have as many kids as you want, you shouldn’t have to get a birth permit or IUD either. Every woman in China is forced to get a birth permit before trying to conceive. You should not have to have a certificate telling you that you are able to have kids. According to "Facts and Details," “Some 70 percent of all women in China use contraception (compared to 2 percent in Cameroon and 83 percent in the United Kingdom).” What isn’t right either is that you should be forced to get an IUD(intrauterine device), a form of birth control. It is a very common thing too. If you are against birth control you shouldn’t be forced to use it. According to "IUD," “Less than 1 out of 100 women will get pregnant each year if they use the ParaGard or the Mirena IUD.” If we have too many kids we will get overpopulated.
Overpopulation is a big issue, but we still should have the freedom to have as many kids as you want. We should have more kids so we can fill more work positions when they are of age to work so we can have enough resources for everyone to live.
Thus, China’s One Child Policy should be abolished. According to "Why China Is Finally Abandoning Its One Child Policy," the country is phasing it out, and it will look good for human rights. Being able to have as many kids as you want and can provide for should be your choice not China’s government’s choice. Being able to support kids is a parent’s job. Women’s bodies are made for having kids, and they should be able to do what their bodies are made to do without China telling them if they can have children or if they can’t.

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