Heroes Assemble

May 6, 2013
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Heroes Assemble

Not that long of go in our English class for sophomore year, we read The Book Thief by Markus Zusack. The book is about death which also is the narrator of the story. What he said was that he sees both beauty and the ugliness of humans, and therefore does not understand how can humans can be both. Tragedy seems to be everywhere in today life; just go on the internet see for yourself. Many people say that our world is breaking down in to wood chips because every time you turn on news someone is badly hurt. Nonetheless, people should always do the right thing no matter the consequences because wouldn’t you won’t someone to do the same for you.

By helping someone you feel good doing it. Like karma says if you do something good; good thing will happen to you. For example one hot day, temperature being 82 C late at night I had soccer practice. After practice we were all leaving, but my friend Toney was all alone because his parents where at church, so we did the right thing went back and took him home. My parents and I felt great knowing that my friend Toney is safe with his family. It was Sunday when we had our tenth soccer game. The bad thing about that was the soccer game was at 12pm and my present had to go to church. The wonderful thing of that is when I needed a ride to my soccer game and my good friend Toney return the favor.

It’s a moral thing to do when someone needs help because you know what’s right from wrong. In my English class we read the book called The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. In the book there is a good example that shows doing the right thing. On page 196 “ Max made his way to Munich and Molching, and now he sat in a stranger’s kitchen, asking for help he craved and suffering the condemnation he felt he deserved.”. Max is doing this because he doesn’t have a place to stay at. Max went to this house where this man Hans Hubermann lived hopping he will help him. On page 196 “Hans Hubermann shook his hand and introduced himself. And he also made him some coffee.” Hans did the kind thing and took in Max. Which Max was Jewish and that was really big deal because it was during the Nazi party, where they Nazi party didn’t like the Jews. Hans’s action will put his family in danger but Hans new that was the right thing to do because he is helping a human.

If you were the person that needed help won’t you like someone to help you. Well one day I turn on the computer, went on the internet and saw there were two explosions in Boston Marathon. Started reading all the quotes the people but I saw something that grabbed my attention and was about this man name Carlos Arredond who did something really good. “This man called Carlos Arredond went back after the explosion and helped this man who lost both legs; the man name was Jeff Bauman.”Carlos did this because he cared about the people who were hurt. Carlos is known as a Hero in the cowboy hat. Most people would just run away but Carlos did the right thing, went back to help and help save a life. Benjamin Bell was at Boston and he said “And to see all of these civilians run toward the blast to help their fellow civilians, to help their follow Boston’s, their fellow members of he coism I ‘v ever witnessed.” Many people reaction was to go and help right away . They reacted that way because they didn’t like the fact that innocent people were hurt. If I was hurt I will like the guy with the cowboy hat to help me.

Everywhere you go you see people doing the right thing, that thing can just be small as opening the door for someone or something big like going to help someone right after an explosion. Citizens don’t matter about the consequences when it comes to helping another human because everyone has a hurt inside. Great example of that was the Boston Bombing; you might of horde of the hero with a cowboy hat. All humans around the world now what’s right from wrong, the really question here is how are you going to react when you counter that situation. Therefore when you see someone who needs help your action going to be to help them, won’t you like someone to help you?

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