Gun-Control Doesn't Work

April 22, 2013
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Gun-Control Doesn’t Work
Why do people in the US blame guns for all killings? We shouldn’t. If guns and types of weapons stay in the right hands no one will be harmed. We are all told in the US that we need these new gun laws, but if felons don’t possess guns then what’s the problem? If Americans sellers would require the FBI to do background checks on all gun buyers then the death rate by guns would decrease close to none. The US already has over 20,000 gun-control laws today. Why should we be taking these guns and weapons away from innocent Americans?
Should we put a ban on assault weapons here in the US? First, let’s look a little deeper on what an assault weapon really is. An assault weapon is not a machine gun; it is a gun that fires one bullet per pull of the trigger. Like every other gun right? A machine gun is a gun where you can hold the trigger and it will steadily continue to shoot until your weapon is out of ammo or you decide to stop. So are they trying to ban the assault weapons based on how they look? It can be the only argument. Every other gun shoots one bullet per squeeze of the trigger. Just because the assault weapon looks like a military gun doesn’t mean that it should be banned from the hands of Americans who know how to use and stay safe with.
More people are killed by fists, feet and other objects than by guns. Over the past 20 years the rates of murder has dropped by over half in the US. We have many gun owners and many guns in the US, but the killing rate by weapons have still decreased.
The gun accidents have fell tremendously because of education in school. Teens starting out in the 9th grade can learn about the causes and dangers of loaded and unloaded weapons. Teens learn how to protect, clean and store guns and ammunition the proper way. This is the best way to stop careless mistakes when teens get older, by teaching them while they’re still young. If mother of Adam Lanza, Nancy Lanza, would have locked her guns away then the killing of 26 first graders at Sandy Hook Elementary would have probably never occurred.
Crimes and murders are declining while more good people are in possession of guns. Arming good citizens reduce types of crimes like deaths by guns. Banning certain types of firearms does no help at all. Thieves and criminals will still find ways to possess guns and weapons. Even if it means to kill someone over it or beat them up and take it away from them. Thieves will still cause violence armed or un-armed. Innocent people need a way to protect themselves from these types of criminals.
People in the US want other people around them to always be safe. If we take away guns then more innocent Americans will be harmed and affected by this. We need guns to protect ourselves from everyday situations. (The Columbus Dispatch)

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