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April 4, 2013
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Imagine a humongous marathon showcasing a first place prize total of twenty thousand dollars. That cash prize money would be beneficial to a misfortunate, jobless lifestyle now. After almost thoroughly reading off all listed requirements and instructions one thing stands out before the rest. Time. Our race will commence at the clock’s strike of eight p.m. No earlier or later from this designated time. All at once the heart’s steady pace skips a beat in sudden realization. “Eight o’clock at night will reduce my energy compared to energetic morning. What am I to do?” A hopeless situation turns to gold at the sight of bottom paged bolded text: Racers may take 5-Hour Energy beforehand for this year’s special marathon. “Perfect, I am so winning twenty thousand dollars!” Using 5-Hour Energy as a marathon trainer/ helper is commonly done and is at high public awareness cite many Fox news video transcripts. Popular consumer buy, 5-Hour Energy, has recently been grabbing negative attention through the Food and Drug Administration. These public media sites claim 5-Hour Energy of thirteen total deaths going back four years (since the first causality in 2008). I argue something out of this developing discovery that affects the human populous. One, serious government intervention is needed with a slow rising death toll from 5-Hour Energy. Using description, rising popularity, the developing case, and citing current government “action”, I will prove this product’s tone down essential for a healthier future.
Let’s begin on a brief description of 5-Hour Energy as we commonly know it today. People comment positively calling the product an overall great energy booster, because of no accounted sugar, thus there isn’t a resulting crash effect afterwards. Does it truly sound too perfect to be true for an energy booster? Yes, several flaws have been noted by fellow critics to be publicly accessed by anyone wanting to know. Still, to 5-Hour Energy’s sale records, they haven’t declined according to a 5-Hour Energy Review webpage written by Reedon (dated from December 3, 2008). He listed several reasonable cons: an expensive price for the 2-ounce servings, horrible taste, excessive amounts of B6 and B12 vitamins, and excessive, body shakes from induced caffeine. Could it be known what flaw sticks out at me the most? The excessive amounts of daily value B vitamins, because a potential overdose could easily happen; Reedon proved so in his own web assessment. An official doctor recommended daily dose for B6 (according to Rationale for Nutrient Requirements, State of Oregon is .8 mg and 30 mg for B12. So, what side effects for over consumption are we talking about here? Taking intolerable quantities can cause headaches, dizziness, fainting, yellowing of the skin, and temporary nerve/brain damage that can last up to three whole years as impact. In today’s society, we are determined to obtain that tiniest sense of high/energy by any means including an ignorance towards concise side effects. Moving on to the next point, all companies in product marketing must have high quantic cliental to buy their product. It’s essentially do or die. With all this in mind, we must journey, way back to a traditional United States 5-Hour Energy beginning that boomed (under a 700 million dollar annual revenue) drastically from then. Starting the fair point with 5-Hour Energy’s foreign founder: Manoj Bhargava.
Manoj Bhargava, Indian native, achieved United States citizenship at age fourteen (1967) and truly redesigned our lives of today. The dropout Princeton freshmen went on to an occupational career of entrepreneur/philanthropist which eventually led into the founding of Living Essentials in 2004. It all started in Farmington Hills, Michigan, then expanded to a specific retail known as 5-Hour Energy thus appealing a modernized audience. Only selling to gas stations and smaller-sized hardware stores were a thing of the past spoke webpage The Mystery Monk Making Billions with 5-Hour Energy~ Claire O’Connor, 2/8/12. Now due to Kent Bowyer, successful Nascar driver, other celebrity endorsements, new flavors (Pink Lemonade, Extra Strength Berry, Extra Strength Grape), and advertising through trending social media sites there are multiple ways in which profit numbers have skyrocketed. All of the following researched information was found on homepage 5-Hour Energy. Bhargava has received the award entitled “Newsmaker of the Year 2011” along with the “Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year for 2012.” I truly wonder if prosperous Manoj even uses his own successful product. As the creator, to not note those product irregularities mentioned earlier and not even match them with rising epidemic. That would probably be the first interview question with right after the FDA investigation on thirteen total deaths connected to 5-Hour Energy. My next point focuses in on just that.
The Food and Drug Administration has received ninety-two reports over four years that cite illness, hospitalizations, and drinking a product marketed as 5-Hour Energy. The general public knows from media engulfment that recently, as my Fox News Latino source points out, 5-Hour Energy Maybe Linked to FDA Investigation-Published November 19, 2012. Now if you glance at the source again it says maybe, but a different source dated back five days says: 5-Hour Energy Linked to 13 Deaths, 30 Life-Threatening Incidents Since 2008:FDA Reports~ The Huffington Post (Ryan Grenoble)-November 14, 2012. So the FDA can’t even investigate properly! In a statement, FDA officials said they will take action if the deaths can be linked to the consumption of energy drinks. Such action could result in forcing companies to take the drinks off the market. It has been at least two months and still, no national government action for any resolution. They know who is responsible for the serious crime, do something! FDA stands for the Food and Drug Administration which would fall under this public category. The topic of government control affects people in all different ways, but when there are lives at risk then banning is at least negotiable. With my last point, Elaine Lutz begins trying to justify the striking events with a foreknowledge warning as if to make the situation disappear.
Elaine Lutz reads off from the 5-Hour Energy’s webpage that they advise consumers to drink more than two bottles per day, spaced several hours apart, and for a new consumer to drink half a bottle to start. Elaine’s style on answering back only proves her ability to read from her own 5-Hour Energy online website, not a mute solution or conclusion. Yet nobody responsible examined the statement and the nutrition facts even further. I didn’t even find a close match comparison on website snd.canada through a nutritional label back shot image. This causes a major problem because not everybody double checks the product website’s warnings, but rather only the front and back of the label. I only wish for government action and surprisingly my prayers have been answered quickly. Democratic Senators Richard Durbin of Illinois and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut went to the Senate floor that Thursday to complain about the lack of FDA oversight of energy drinks. “For God’s sake, these are on sale to kids throughout America,” said Durbin. Glad to see with Senators siding with me.
Once again, serious government action is needed with a slow rising death toll from 5-Hour Energy. I used 5-Hour Energy product description, rising popularity, developing case, and so far lack of governmental action to make the FDA look naive. Would I be willing to tone down an American product enterprise, because of only thirteen murdered by the famous energizer? Yes, it has to be done; no questions asked, if our democracy is specializing upon the people’s wellness. Right now, citizens aren’t feeling well and the issue will get worst as the issue gets procrastinated. On a personal note, I beg my fellow readers on to a path without 5-Hour Energy and issue others to force legislation into a faster pace. In conclusion, I think government should ban 5-Hour Energy to save human lives. “It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. That is true, it's called Life.”~ Terry Prachett. The last moment of flashed life for these individuals would have to be chugging down that 5-Hour Energy bottle whole. I am 100% sure and an animated answer from the thirteen buried six feet underground would agree solemnly.

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