North Korea- The Disgruntled Child of Global Politics

April 2, 2013
Kim Jong-Un is the disgruntled child of global politics. It is almost as if one can see him having a hissy-fit and making a scene in the grocery store because his mom got vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate. He has the title of “youngest head of state in the world,” standing in at a remarkable 30 years old. His age and indecisive character have labeled him a world mockery, and thus have made him highly unpredictable and dangerous.

Back in April of last year, North Korea launched a globally discouraged rocket test. The test ended up being a complete failure, as the rocket crashed about 30 seconds after take-off. Just in December of 2012, Pyongyang launched a second attempt (without any global inkling) to reach space and put a satellite in orbit. This clearly shows the persistence of Kim Jong-Un to get what he wants, despite the global effort to quell him. The anti-affable leader was embarrassed because of the hyped up failure in April of 2012, therefore he had to redeem himself with a successful try. The unpredictable nature of such an inexperienced leader can be deceivingly painful to America in the long run.

On the other hand, Americans still love poking fun at the guy, none more so than The Onion Newspaper. They ran an article in November of 2012 that titled Kim Jong-Un the sexiest man alive. “With his devastatingly handsome, round face, his boyish charm, and his strong, sturdy frame, this Pyongyang-bred heartthrob is every woman’s dream come true.” This story was actually TAKEN SERIOUSLY in China (North Korea’s ally). A popular Chinese newspaper ran this story on its website, along with a slideshow of extravagant pictures of the “handsome” leader. The Onion has also released other stories poking fun at the Pyongyang star.
For example; “Kim Jong-Un, Justin Timberlake Meet To Pick New Pope, According To Shameless Attempt To Increase Web Traffic” and “North Korea Celebrates As Kim Jong-Un Becomes First Man To Walk On Moon.”

More recently there was a story that said Un came out in support of gay marriage, claiming “I’m not a monster.” Only a leader such as the one in North Korea can be made a mockery of like this. His age and untimely actions have attracted attention from the entire world. America has a found a stubborn itch in North Korea, but some would rather tickle that itch than scratch it.

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