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Gun Safety

Do you feel your kids are safe every day? Do you think guns are good? Many people think guns are good, but I think that guns are not good; guns will never make the world better. We should keep people from having guns because we need to keep the children safe; guns hurt people, and guns will hurt our community.

Everyday a kid goes to school their parents want them to be safe, to school and home. Many people will argue that we do need guns on the streets, but you are putting your kids at risks. We all remember what happen in Sandy Hook…that was a day we will never forget, we could stop this by putting a ban on gun ownership. Many people still think that we should all have equal rights, and we all have the right to bear arms; yes we do want this country to all be equal but what will happen in the future? People like the idea of the bulletproof backpack but we wouldn’t need that if we kept the guns off, of the streets. We need to think…will it be better?

If we all vote to pass the law to bear arms, there will be many guns out there on the streets, people will get hurt. Many kids and parents will all be scared, even just to step outside. What will we do when we leave a gun on the table where a child could reach it? What will we do then when a gun gets in the wrong hands? People could get hurt. We can all help take guns off the streets; we can leave the guns to the women and men of the law.

Having the right to bear arms can hurt you and your community. If we have right to guns will we go through the same thing that happen in theater nine, many people lost their life’s because of a guy that made the choice to go in the movie theater, and shoot at people. Will having guns help us, and our community or will it just hurt us?

We should all work together to ban all guns regulations because guns can hurt children, guns hurt us, they will just hurt our community we can all help to keep the guns away from people. Guns will never do anything good for us; guns are good only for shooting people and animals, so why should we have them?

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