"Negative Effects of Overpopulation"

March 22, 2013
By kimberly b BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
kimberly b BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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If the world was over populated where would people live? Over population could cause problems with nature. Also, over population would result in resources to use. The purpose of this essay is to show the negative effects of overpopulation on the planet.

With overpopulation there would be problems for resources to use. First, with overpopulation the planet would run out of water, and water being more polluted. Therefore, water will become more expensive to buy .Also; with more people to feed there would be less food for people to eat. As a result, food will go more expensive to buy because we would run out of food to eat. With more people on Earth, there would be more cars to make, and with more cars the less gasoline there will be. Gas prices would go up. If the amount of people on the planet doubles there would be fewer resources to use.

With more people in the world; there would be problems with nature and the wild. First, animals habitats could be destroyed for making more space for humans, such as building home’s. This leads species going extinct. Also forest could be destroyed. As a result, with less forest the less trees and animals there is. People as well are going to be making more cars. As a result, with more cars the more pollution there is. With building and making more things the wild and animals would become extinct, and this could cause a dangerous and unsafe population.

Over population causes problems with finding resources. Also, the nature and the wild being destroyed. If the world over populated many people would become mad of things being more expensive, and the people could become aggressive, and it could even lead to more wars.

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