March 22, 2013
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Many people ask What is the meaning of liberty? Many answers arise in people. “For liberty and justice for all” are the words that echo through my head when I think of liberty. An image for liberty is The Statue of Liberty.Standing tall and beautiful she is America and Liberty. By the way she stands and what she stands for, and we have the freedom and liberty to do what we want everyday. The meaning of liberty is the meaning of The Statue of Liberty.

The Statue of Liberty is a sign of liberty. The statue symbolizes something greater than us. The statue isn't just an "it" but she is one of us, and knows what her stances are on things that matter to every American, and doesn't change throughout time. She holds a tablet with the date of our independence, she does this to show others she is proud of our past. She also holds this tablet to show us our humble beginnings and how far we have come as a nation. Mrs. Liberty keeps her head held high looking to the future for positive outcomes. She weathers throughout the storms, staying forever strong. By making it through all the toughest storms it makes her wiser and tougher to make her who she really is as a person. Making her a symbol for strength as well. Even though overtime she may have changed colors, that does not change her and who she is. Mr. Liberty remains true to herself and all others. The torch held high shows our nation as a flame that is always burning, since America is always thriving even if it has bumps in the way. This also shows the pride of the American people always burning inside of us trying to do better with each other and ourselves. At her feet lie broken chains. Welcoming immigrants proving our nation as a melting pot and we are always open for people. That also depicts that we have been and always be open to new ideas forever. The rope she wears with the crown represent our country on a worldwide scale showing how important we are to everything and everyone. The woman depicted is actually the Roman goddess of freedom, Libertas. Also thinking back to when the French gave it to us it shows that other nations recognize our freedom and liberty for all. Making liberty and freedom hand and hand. The Statue of Liberty is my liberty standing forever strong and looking into a bright future.

To sum it all up if you ask me what does it mean to have liberty. I would say it is The statue of Liberty. Why? Because she is not only bigger than us in size, but in greatness. She holds on to the past and is proud of what the nation has accomplished, yet she keeps her head held high looking to the future and ready to fight the next storm. She is open to new people, but over time keeps her beliefs even though times change.

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