Animal Testing

March 21, 2013
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We’ve all seen those commercials about cruel scientists testing on animals. The kind of commercial that makes us wants to turn off the TV and cry for that poor little chimpanzee or the scarred puppy. But are these commercials really accurate? Well, in some ways they are true but they are mostly just propaganda from companies such as PETA that are looking to get support. They leave out some of the facts about animal testing that help us to understand why it is still practiced. Animal testing should not be looked at as negative but as progress towards a more advanced medical world.

It’s not hard to understand why people are against animal testing. If we have the right to a free life, shouldn’t those cute little chimps? In theory, I agree but in reality, it is not practical. For one thing, we have to realize that animals are NOT humans and therefore should not be regarded as humans. The rights that we give ourselves do not and should not always apply to other animals. In an ideal world, we would give them these rights, but in an ideal world we wouldn’t need to be testing in the first place because there would be no disease.

People assume from commercials that animal testers are cruel and purposely harmful to animals, treating them like dirt. However, while there are people like that, it is very rare. Most animals that are being used for testing are treated with respect and with dignity. In biology, my freshman year, we used fetal pigs for dissection. We always treated the pigs with respect and most scientists treat animals the same way. The commercials only target those that are disrespectful as a strategy to gain support. Besides, the benefits that the medical field gains from these tests far outweigh the moral dilemma that scientists face.

Advancing the medication available to us is becoming more and more important every day. Without testing on animals, scientists would surely fall behind on finding cures for such diseases as cancer and diabetes which they are working so hard to find. It’s not like researchers are just testing on animals for fun, they are taking advantage of every chance that they have to get closer to finding a cure. We as humans have to make a choice: do we save the lives of these animals or do we save the lives of our friends and family that are subject to affliction by countless diseases on any given day. It’s tough to make this choice, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the good of all. It’s like a game of chess. Sometimes in order to put the king into checkmate, a couple pawns have to be sacrificed. To advance our technology, we have to understand what our priorities are. The highest priority should be fighting disease, not saving animal lives.

It may not be totally ethical, but it is definitely necessary and important to test medicine on animals. Keeping the human race safe is the ultimate goal of scientists and through animal testing, they can develop cures and improve technology, further helping advance the medical field.

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