"No Guns"

March 20, 2013
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Every time I turn on the TV, I hear that some kind of shooting or massacre has happened. Many people around the world use guns in a violent way. People have guns in order to protect themselves, but with more guns, there is more violence. I believe that people should not have the rights to buy a gun because it’s the Federal government’s job to protect each citizen, limit guns, ban assault rifles, and stop shootings happening around the USA.

It’s the Federal job to protect each citizen. Only the military and police force should have guns. If only the military and cops have guns we feel confident that no other person is going to harm people. Isn’t the whole point for the military and cops to have guns to serve and protect? If any other person had a gun, then the cops or the military are there to serve and protect each citizen. Therefore, the military and cops are the whole point of the Federal government job to protect us from any harm or violence.

There could only be certain amount of bullets if you have a rifle. If a person has a gun they could only shoot certain amount of bullets to shoot. If assault rifles had certain amounts of bullets to shoot the less innocent people die. People would feel safer on being around public. For example, if a massacre was to happen and that person has a rifle they could only shoot certain amounts of bullets. This leads to the community being safer, and less innocent people die. Therefore, it’s better for rifles to shoot certain amount of bullets and this would cause a safer community.

There are so many public shootings in this country .The Aurora shooting that caused the community to become aware and to come together as a community. James Holmes bought a rifle that could shoot all bullets at the same time .As a result, many people died in the massacre .Sandy hook shooting caused many innocent children to die as well as teachers .The criminal who shoot the elementary school had a lot of resources to get guns easier. As a result it was easier for the criminal to go and kill many innocent children .Therefore, this criminals had resources to go and buy a gun and kill many innocent people.

People shouldn’t have the right to buy a gun because it is the Federals government job to protect each citizen, limits on guns equals no assault rifles, and a lot of shootings around the USA .Every year many innocent people around the world are dying because of this crazy people with their guns going to kill and cause a violent place.

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