Mexico and America Together as One

March 20, 2013
By ZoeyA. BRONZE, Englewood, Colorado
ZoeyA. BRONZE, Englewood, Colorado
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“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God indivisible and justice for all.”

America teaches its citizens that in our country there is, “Justice for all.” For this to be true, America would be justified with Mexico’s needs and beliefs. America and Mexico must be one country. Others disagree and believe Mexicans should be banned from Mexico and the US Government should never for an alliance
with Mexico. I and many others can envision the potential of these two nations coming together as one. America should join hands with Mexico, making the two countries one nation. We, America, are
giving opportunity. We need more talent. “The American Legacy” will be forever positively affected if the US joins forces with Mexico.

Erasing the border between America and Mexico could give Mexican citizens better opportunities. states, “Dying…to make a buck for their families.” People in Mexico are struggling; their struggles are severely harsh. “Mexico is full of plenty of uneducated, impoverished citizens just dying for a chance…” America can give Mexico the chance they don’t have. Mexico deserves a chance to change the world.

Mexico-like any other country- has potential from the unique talents of their citizens. Together our nations can advance society. The world will become more organized with new technology. Having Mexico provides a diverse perspective. Mexico’s skills will change stereotypes for the Hispanic race. Advancing society with Mexico’s help will stop how society negatively perceives Hispanics.

The legacy of America will forever be changed if America decides to annex Mexico. America shall be known as the best country; the US would gain more money for the government from taxes. America will be the country that took the challenge of great responsibility. Our responsibility of money will make our government fund more businesses and most importantly colleges. The best part is that all of these factors apply to Mexico also, because we’ll be one united nation. America and Mexico will be the best country worldwide

America and Mexico should be one nation. We’d give many people a chance to be someone. America can join forces with those gifted in Mexico. America and Mexico will both be positively affected. Both countries could be models for future relationships between those who share borders.

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