Education for Girls: Why is That Important?

February 20, 2013
Around 10:30 at night from her London hospital bed, a brave 15 year old girl named Malala Yousafzai called her best friend Ayesha in Pakistan, to encourage her to keep up her fight against the Taliban for girl's education . According to a Time Magazine article, Malala said to her friend, " I understand what happened was tragic", referring to what happened to herself, "But you need to stay strong. You cannot give up."

The issue is: not all girls around the world are allowed to go to school. In fact, 42% of girls in the third world are not enrolled in school at all. Rights to equality and rights to employment and education are basically the base of society. Educated girls are very important because they become role models, leaders and most importantly mothers. When mothers are educated, so are their children, which can break the cycle of poverty and lift a society. Furthermore, where educated women participate in their government and society, countries prosper. The United States of America has prospered and progressed ever since women won the right to vote, and can make laws and have jobs in government. All of this can happen, but only if girls have the right to an education.

Last year in Pakistan, a girl named Malala, was fighting for a girl's right to education. As a young girl Malala was exposed to Math and Science at the age of 2 and a half with a class of 10 year olds. She was very bright according to Time magaziness interview with one of her teachers. Unfortunately, Malala just started school when the Taliban pushed in through the North of Pakistan. She was forced to leave school because the Taliban forced girls to stay out of school. It is their tradition and their religion to think that way. Most people know girls are equal to boys. They love girls. But the Taliban love girls as they love horses and farm animals. They see girls as property. The Taliban believe women should be mothers and servants, the lowest of the lowest. They want women to not be educated so they remain at the mercy of men. When the Taliban heard of a person anonymously blogging posts, more like diaries, about what it was like to be a girl under the Taliban rule, they were very frustrated not knowing who this girl was. They did not know until Malala's father boasted about how his daughter Malala was so brave to blog these posts. The Taliban leaders were enraged. They decided to silence Malala for good. They sent two armed men and tracked the school bus she was on. One of the Taliban men shot her in the head. But, Malala didn't die. She was immediately taken to the hospital. She was later sent to London, where she had many surgeries. She is now recovering, and she can write and move, and much to the Taliban's displeasure, she can speak. The Taliban made a grave mistake. Since that day, this 15 year old has become the symbol for every county's struggle for women's rights. The Taliban did not silence her, they made her an inspiring global hero. Now they threaten her family and threaten her. If she ever goes back to Pakistan, the Taliban said they will kill her.

Men are important in society, but they are half of a society. What is the other half? Or should I say who? Women. Women make up the other half. Men and women need to work together to achieve a healthy society. Pakistan was once a healthy country. In the 1990's, they even had a powerful woman prime minister too. Sadly, as the Taliban fled to Pakistan during US invasion of Afghanistan, they took over Northern Tribal areas and imposed their strict laws. Now the once modern country is struggling against third world policies. It is being sucked into a horrible new reality. But Malala's tragedy may have woken up the Pakistanis to fight against these old ways.

Fortunately, societies where women and men live mostly as equals do exist. The U.S., England, and other countries allow women many equal opportunities as men. They are profiting and prospering in the US, but we still have more to improve. Unfortunately in Africa, or Pakistan, or other third world countries, most women are living in poor conditions. If all of the countries on the globe allowed women to have equality, then societies would thrive. Statistics show educated women have fewer children, which reduces rates of poverty and improves living conditions. I'm not saying all countries would get along, but the world would definitey be a better place.

World wide girl's education has been recognized at a critical mission by many organizations such as the United Nations, 10 by 10 act, and RoomToRead. But what can we do? Though we all clearly have access to a great education here at Foothill, we must use our knowledge and the power it provides us to help end this problem around the world. Join the I am Malala Petition, spread the word, raise donations and awareness, and speak out. Now is the time to raise awareness. Now is the time to stand up. Now is the time for ALL girls to be educated. And above all, now is time to change the world for the better.

Malala risked her life to stand up for women's rights, but she can't do it by herself. She needs our support. I care, do you?

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superstar 100 said...
Mar. 2, 2014 at 11:51 pm
I agree with your opinion that girls should be allowed to receive an education. Women are a very important  part of society; and the value of a women is no only that she can have babies. Woman can do things better than men in many areas because women have their strong point ;such as they are more careful when they do their work and they are more sensitive about languages than men. The Taliban think women can not be educated because they only want them to be mothers and servants; they think ... (more »)
ZZZZ said...
Mar. 2, 2014 at 11:51 pm
The issue you state is: ‘ not all girls around the world are allowed to go to school.’ My question about it is that who are you referring to that doesn't allow girls to go to school. The government? Men in the world? Or the parents? In my opinion, I think the strongest enemy is the traditional way of thinking in people’s minds. There are some cases of girls who are allowed to be educated by the government. However, their parents who have traditional thinking, do not allow... (more »)
peas and beans said...
Mar. 2, 2014 at 11:45 pm
  I firmly agree with your idea in this article. Like you said women make up the other half of the world and men and women need to work together to build a healthy society. Women should be treated equally as men.Society should provide equal opportunities for everyone regardless of gender. Women have their special characteristics in which are more excellent than men,for example, women are more attentive and considerate when they are doing the same work as men,and they are good at observing... (more »)
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