Marijuana Legalization: Don't the Positives Outway the Negatives?

February 25, 2013
Can you imagine living in a country where there are tanks rolling about the street trying to control cartels engrossed with power. Living in a country, where the medicine we take can potentially hurt us more than help us. Living in a country where were spiraling downward in the world because of a debt crisis. Although it may seem extreme this is truly a possible outcome for our country, either all of this, or some of this, could be in our future. The chances of this happening however, lessen or become greater, with every single choice we make as a nation. A choice that we could make as a country together to make this less of a possible reality is legalizing marijuana. Don’t believe me? Don’t believe that something so minor could have such a large impact? Well, that sounds like a challenge.

Let’s first begin by talking about why having Marijuana around would help us. Marijuana alone is able to cure medical conditions that often require multiple medications in order to fully control. Despite this, the leaders of our country have lied to us, saying that there are no health benefits of having marijuana legalized.. When in fact Marijuana, is able to help with medical cases that have been growing in number throughout the country, these health benefits have been proven definitely by the Academy of Sciences Institute. Some of these medical issues that marijuana cures include:

-Pain Reducing (Its best feature, and especially useful for patients going through chemo therapy and other treatments)
-Extreme Stress

One may argue “why not just take the medications that are legal and ready for use?” Here’s the catch Marijuana cures these medical issues as well as many others, WITHOUT the harmful side effects! Also, marijuana does not only remove the negatives of taking prescription drugs but it cures these issues more effectively.

The people of America have begun to realize that marijuana would be a benefit for America. As a result demand has risen. More than 80% of Americans want Medical Marijuana to be legalized. Obviously for the numerous health benefits. Ironically enough, more dangerous narcotics have been legalized for medical purposes and have been continued to be used while marijuana is more effective. If we do truly live in a democracy, why we do not legalized and make obtainable what the people want? It is inhumane to not give a suffering patient the best treatment possible.

Now I want to address the many myths and lies that have been loaded into people’s minds by those who oppose the legalization of marijuana. One of the main issues is that Marijuana being a drug is associated with its dangerous distant cousins. But wouldn’t you know it? There has not been one death associated with overdosing on Marijuana. Whereas there are thousands of reported deaths every year of overdoses on prescription drugs and other illegal narcotics. Some of the reasons for this is that Marijuana is extremely unhazardous compared to other drugs, is that it only becomes dangerous and addictive when there are other toxins and additives that have been mixed with the marijuana to give it its potency. However, by clean sale, like the business that has been started in Colorado, and desired to be put in other states, will eliminate all other potentially harmful side effects. Noting this, another irony comes into play. By legalizing Marijuana those who do choose to misuse drugs will be more likely to choose marijuana. Why? It’s a popular drug, and by legalizing it most people who’d rather choose to use a legal drug than to go out of their way and hide an illegal one. So since Marijuana would be used more often and dangerous drugs, would be used left often, then why not have it legal? Alcohol and cigarettes are legal and are four times as harmful as Marijuana, and they are used every day without anyone giving more than a shake of a head.

If we were to have this “clean” form of Marijuana legalized, there would be no reason NOT to have it used as a relevant selling option. Especially with cigarettes and alcohol already legal for sale. This is what many states are pushing to do. In California alone by taxing and selling, already legalized marijuana could generate 1 Billion dollars a year. On top of this, Law- Enforcement would be saving 150 million dollars a year by stopping routine checks, pullovers, and investigations. One state has gone in on this gold mine of an opportunity. Colorado has put in place the countries first clean sale and taxation of Marijuana and is currently generating 200 million dollars a year, with no repercussions of their decisions. Despite this, Obama and the white house say there is no money to be made by legalizing marijuana. I say to them, how so? We’re making money by legalizing, and saving money on top of it. The government would no longer have to fund for education, security or health in high consumption regions.

The reason the sale is more profitable than previously believed is because demand for Marijuana has been growing over the years. This growth hasn’t monitored because the buying and selling of Marijuana hasn’t been by the U.S. government. It has been by private and quite frankly illegal organizations. These illegal organizations have been syphoning large flow of cash from Marijuana, and as a result, have become nearly untouchable with wealth. Causing countries like Mexico have to invest extra costs into security. This could very well happen to us and may become a major issue if the sale of Marijuana from these private organizations continues. This will make the U.S. put money into security that we don’t have. This is only a small piece of the puzzle, and part of why 17 states are pushing for legalization.

At this point it’s only logical for Marijuana to be seriously considered for legalization, as the positives outweigh the negatives. Around the world, stricter laws and punishment haven’t made a noticeable impact on the amount of illegal narcotics being illegally sold, bought or confiscated. Making more laws is only causing more money being needed to be put in to enforce them, which doesn’t make sense because it’s been shown that drug consumption just cannot be stopped? So why not legalize the drug? Many argue it’s because there would be too large of an increase of drug consumption through America. This is a false fact. Drug awareness, assemblies and “talks” are being given to schools around the country multiple times throughout the school year. Just because one drug is legalized doesn’t mean the number of people that misuse drugs will increase, the government continues to state facts that make legalizing marijuana less attractive when they’re really not based on solid facts.

Finally, time to address the possible issues in our far or near future for not legalizing marijuana. A cry for legalization has gone up in Mexico. Over five years one drug lord alone has killed over 50,000 people, engrossed with wealth and power from the growing demand for drugs. With these deaths lay over 1,000 military agents. Tanks actively roam the streets. Stricter laws have only made the demand for illegal narcotics higher further strengthening the cartels in their war against the Mexican military.

One may ask how this applies to us. Why does this matter to me? Well something similar is happening here in the U.S. There is a high demand for Marijuana an illegal narcotic (in most states) correct?
1. High demand means, high profits to be made.
2. Cartels sell the consumers the drugs they want.
3. The Cartels want to secure the trade (and thus the profits).
4. The Cartels buy big guns and a lot of protection.
5. The government tries to stop them.
6. What’s the only way to do this? To force them out.
7. Government can’t control the fighting.
8. Result: Opening fighting on the streets

Do you really want this to be what you see in your America? Believe it or not by legalizing marijuana can reduce the chances of this happening. By legalizing marijuana it will be more convenient for marijuana consumers to buy from a local store etc. So instead of purchasing from and strengthening cartels, they will be purchasing from the U.S. government. By doing this it makes selling drugs to America less of a profit, thus making America less attractive to the cartels. This slows any transfer of illegal selling to America. Thus, slowing all cartel related violence in America. This saves America money, (for the police, security) ,and makes it able to fund projects to benefit the people who live here.

So please someone explain to me, a valid reason that marijuana shouldn’t be legalized. All the angles have been covered. There are essentially no downfalls of legalizing marijuana in America. Even if you could find one it would be minor, and it’s guaranteed that the benefits will outweigh the puny con that someone could scrounge for. If the benefits are numerous and the cons are obsolete, why not legalize something that’s going to help us so much? Why not rally together and legalize something that will just make the great country we live in even greater? If you as an individual believe in democracy, and the right for everyone to live the best possible life, why not legalize something that’s going to help do just that?

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