The World is on Fire

February 25, 2013
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What has this world come to? We have been destroying the planet day after day in result of our laziness and carelessness. Well it is time for those days to come to an end. Many people claim that global warming is a myth, but it has been proven time to time that global warming is a serious matter and needs to be addressed with great seriousness. We as the people of the earth have suffocated our atmosphere and haven’t done a think about stopping it. Not only does it affect our planet, but it also affects the people on it in millions of tragic ways.

To start, the thing that makes global warming dangerous is that the solution is unknown, similar to cancer. Although, there are many assumed causes. To demonstrate, global warming could be blamed on both the natural greenhouse effect and the enhanced greenhouse effect. The natural greenhouse effect, for the people who don’t know the difference, is when solar radiation passes through the clear atmosphere, and is absorbed by earths’ surface. This dangerously increases the earths’ temperature, causing natural disasters and animal extinction. Although without the natural greenhouse effect, planet earth would be frozen and inhabitable. The enhanced greenhouse effect is increased temperatures, due to the surplus of greenhouses. This problem is man-made and has practically the same consequences as the natural greenhouse effect. Most of the gas buildup is carbon dioxide, and scientists believe that the more of this, the more the Earth’s temperature will increase. (Fridell 24) Although, there are many other causes of global warming, besides greenhouse gases. For example, humans make careless mistakes that put our world in jeopardy (14 Robinson). The smoke from cigarettes, bonfires, etc. releases a massive amount of carbon dioxide, polluting our earths’ atmosphere. Millions of people smoke every day which releases harmful gases into the air. This makes a large difference in temperature. Man-made objects can also be a great part of global warming (32 Morris). For example, cars produce tons of carbon dioxide every day. This ties onto another cause, is urban areas. Cities like Chicago and New York are fascinating; don’t get me wrong, although they are very harmful to the world. If you think about it, it isn’t much of a surprise. The lack of trees, the surplus of cars, these are things that can turn the world upside down, and harms people in many ways.

Secondly, global warming affects costs and money. For example, the costs of air conditioning increases drastically when the temperature gets warm. People are noticing the heat and its affecting not only their homes, but their wallets (3 Morris). People try to protect their families but it has been costing them and arm and a leg. But these problems are nothing compared to the massive disasters that global warming cause. It intensifies droughts, which affects the income of farmers. Global warming also is the villain behind intense hurricanes and disastrous tornadoes. These types of disasters have affected many countries for the past several years, which have also tied into costs. I’m sure the countries of Japan and Haiti would agree, considering the earthquakes that costed millions in damage that occurred there. The earthquake in Japan also caused a massive tsunami which ruined homes, stores, and a large part of Japan. Not only this, but there were many depressing deaths on the day of March 11, 2011, the day the incident occurred. It is insane to think this could’ve been done by bonfires, or simply driving a car. So just think about that the next time you have a bonfire, or drive somewhere that’s within walking distance, because you are capable of crazy things. But there are solutions to help stop global warming.

To put into words, there are simple things that you can do to help the earth, and eventually, helping yourself. You can fertilize your grass to keep the earth fresh and healthy (15 Robinson). You can just as easily conserve water, into the oceans, lowering the intensity of hurricanes and thunderstorms (31 Parks). There are also other self-sufficient options as well. For example, millions of wind and water turbines have been installed throughout the world. This has made a difference in pollution levels over the past few years because they don’t use harmful fuels. But an even bigger change that is very common is the fuel efficient cars. People have turned to Toyota Hybrids, smart cars, and scooters over the past few years. So in a way, the raise in gas prices is beneficial because people are purchasing vehicles that are less harmful to the earth.

In summation, global warming is a terrible disaster that needs to be stopped. There have been multiple pieces of evidence to show the impacts, such as the intense disasters. Causes of global warming have also been demonstrated, such as the greenhouse gasses. We can help by buying fuel efficient cars or simply saving water. So overall, it is crazy for some people to think global warming is a myth, with all the evidence showing it. But they’re probably just haters.

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Feb. 28, 2013 at 10:40 am
More work should've been done here. Good try thoguh. Get em' next time tiger.
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