Donkeys and Elephants; Zebras and Lions

January 29, 2013
Recently I’ve been pondering whether or not I could be a politician. I’m not particularly interested in the career choice, but the complexities of the question drew me into the consideration. In the end, I decided that it would be impossible, for I would have to choose whether to be a Democrat or a Republican.

From what I understand, in the most dramatic and basic of terms, a Democrat gives away all and a Republican hoards away all; favoring the poor or favoring the rich; thought of as weak or thought of as cruel. I have not heard these things outright stated, but knowing adults adamant about either side, this is the exaggerated summary I have drawn... And neither of these options is appealing to me.

What I mentioned above was nothing more than appearances, but there is (as I understand) a deeper fundamental difference in thought between these two parties. After analyzing both I have decided that neither is perfect.

A Democrat wishes to help those in need, as is the very basis of the party; however, there are those who would take advantage of such generosity. Thus, essential funds are squandered on those who would do immoral things to steal them away. The good people who need the support are out there, but they are likely overshadowed by these more aggressive leeches of the American system.

On the other hand, a Republican wishes to preserve the country as a whole. Ideally, this would help all Americans live more peaceful and prosperous lives, but the process is far to slow. Such an ambition would take an entire body of Republicans making up a government and decades to see through. While, in the mean time, the suffering individual would be ignored.

Then also, there are the hidden evils to both parties; the worst case scenarios that are completely plausible if either were left on its own. In a body of only Democrats, the desire to help the needy would rapidly dissolve funds, until the country was left bankrupt and everyone was left in poverty. A system cannot survive in this monetarial age if a ruling body hands out more coinage than it takes in.

Finally, there is the deep hidden risk of an entirely Republican body. When conservation is such a large focus, the government could easily become wealthy—but humans are often greedy creatures. It would take little time for a rich politician to get used to the idea of living leisurely. A corrupted government would soon follow, bringing poverty to the people and only temporary success to the nation, for it wouldn't take long for the people to rebel. Once again, the land would be reduced to ruins.

In this way, perhaps it is good that there are both Democrats and Republicans in American government because each can balance the other's flaws. Republicans can reject many of the Democrats' numerous money-burning propositions, and Democrats bring to attention the needs of the peoples, reminding the government of its supposed number one purpose.

As I’ve said, I could not possibly choose to be a representative of either of these flawed sides, yet I know of no third. Instead, I’ve decided how I, personally, will participate in government. I will not choose a side, nor will I ever, but when the time comes for me to vote, I will analyze each runner as an individual. For such large and potentially insidious bodies, I mustn't focus only on the alignment or I will see my vote only as deciding on the lesser of two evils. However, if I don't pick a side, I must never pull a selective shade over my eyes. I am an intelligent individual, and I will use my neutrality to analyze the situation and look logically upon the best options.

In a pack or zebras everything is a black and white mess, but a zebra alone could spot a lion from miles away. Zebras choose safety in numbers, but the lone zebra could avoid a bad situation before it comes to light. Additionally, it would be beneficial to familiarize myself with predatory “evil.” Thus, I would know where a lion might lie in wait long before it would come into my range of sight. Do you see my point now? In order for one to have total security, to always find the best path and walk it promptly, they cannot limit themselves to one way of thinking. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican in government. In nature, and in thinking, I am a zebra... and I am a lion.

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