Are women really free?

January 24, 2013
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“Our country tis’ of thee, sweet land of liberty, let freedom ring.” A phrase often lived by within our country as well as one that has proved true in the civic events faced everyday. Although, as the United States has prided itself ever since it’s founding on presenting various opportunities and freedoms, it begs the question if those opportunities and freedoms are actually granted as promised. A closer look only proves otherwise as many minorities, races, and genders have been discriminated against over different generations. While much of the discrimination has been put to rest, much of it still exists, particularly in gender inequalities.

Think about when you were young and all the neighborhood kids picked kickball teams, and you being a young girl was always picked last because of the simple thought that you were inferior and weaker than the other neighborhood boys. This mentality continues today as many women are denied jobs and opportunities under the cliché that “they simply are not physically built for this task.” While little of this assertion actually reigns true, many women are unable to live in the pursuit of their own happiness based simply on their gender. As the African-Americans paved their way into equality, women are starting to do the same. Just recently it has been ruled that women in the military can actually hold jobs in certain personnel areas as well as certain frontline jobs. As many men will never cease to deny this, it has proved as a significant movement toward gender equality.

However, as important as this example is, it is just one small example of improvement. Women still have a long road ahead of them in order to have all the same freedoms as men. It will be a long, but achievable road to finally reaching the sweet land of liberty where all freedoms can loudly ring.

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Artgirl1999 said...
Feb. 3, 2013 at 9:47 am
Good writing. I think you could back up your opinion a little more( more examples of women being discriminated against, etc.) Also, sometimes women aren't strong enough for certain jobs.
cheerinchick95 replied...
Feb. 6, 2013 at 12:03 am
Thanks, and yeah reading over it with that in mind that would have made my opinion stronger. Although, while women not physically being able to do jobs does hold some truth, I personally believe that regardless women should have the oppurtunity to try and if they cant physically meet the requirements then so be it, but at least they had the oppurtunity to try! 
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