Gun Violence

January 18, 2013
By Anonymous

Gun violence is an issue everywhere with no way of completely stopping it but something has to be done to decrease the gun violence in the United States because the number of deaths and injuries by gun violence.

After President Kennady being assonated congress then passed the Gun Control 1968 expanded gun-dealer licensing requirements and band most felony’s/criminals and with mental issues. Deaths and injuries numbers are getting pretty high from gun violence with people who either buy guns legally or not and not using them in the proper manner. Such as the incident that happened in October 1997 when a kid in Pearl, Mississippi 17 year-old killed two students and injured seven others at his high school. It was obvious that the kids that have been doing school shootings something is mentally wrong with or their mind is just disturbed.

It’s so sad to hear all of these stories even about the kids involved in school shootings, such as the shooting that happened at the Virginia Tech where one single student that attended the college shot and killed 32 and wounded 17, at two separate times within the time frame of two hours, another 6 students were injured from trying to escape out of windows before the student that was shooting tried to commit suicide. This “massacre” was has been the worst mass murder on college students since the “massacre” that happened at Syracuse University where 36 were killed by a bomb. The shooter at Virginia Tech was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder and through the majority of his middle school and high school career he had therapy from special education support, after graduating from high school and enrolled in Virginia Tech and due to the federal privacy laws Virginia Tech was not informed about Cho’s disorder.

So when you think of gun violence don’t try to say it’s the guns, people do have issues and sometimes maybe with their conditions can’t control what happens when there is a gun in their hand and what’s going through their minds and for those people that don’t have mental issues and have a reason for what they did doesn’t make it right but maybe in their mind they think they are doing justice but then again still doesn’t make it ok.

I hear stuff on the news about men killing their wives or children and it makes me think to myself that, that person must really have some issues if he is willing to kill the family him and his wife made together. Then, I hear about a gang shootings and that makes me think, it’s sad that someone can take someone’s life or even just injure them all because they did a certain sign with their hands or looked at them for a little too long or even just biking down the wrong street.

The U.S needs to find a way to prevent these things from happening, not totally just make it so there is no gun violence because that’s just not going to happen but you can lower the number of gun violence. In my perspective gun violence occurs when the wrong people get a gun in their hand, so the government needs to find a way to make gun laws stricter with our violating gun owner ship and the second amendment. I don’t know about you guys but I sure done want to hear about a shooting almost every day on the news and not just in the united states but in other countries but more so our country because we seem to have the highest numbers because other countries have sticker gun laws.

The author's comments:
this paper on gun violence has my view on how gun violence is an issue and how guns dont kill people, people do

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